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Presenting "Capital of Soot" for The National Service Journal.

I did this without a single idea in mind, but later decided that the capital city where Aimée Duchemin comes from would be dreary, cold, dark and grey — reminiscent of London at the height of industrialisation.

On the subject, the places in Les Histoires Duchemin have been renamed to allow localisation, and also to fit with the serious tone of the game.

Lumine is now Whillians.
I initially wanted the place to be a garden city of lights, but that would mean Aimée might have a reason to turn back. The name actually came from the Spanish word for soot — hollin — then we Frenchified it, and it became Houillens, and the English name is now Whillians.

Irinie can technically be called the United Kingdom.
The system is similar to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — in Histoires, we have Bloomingforth (where the capital is situated) and Elrency. 

I imagine there'll still be quite a bit of renaming to do, but the name Aimée Duchemin stays! 

Oh, and you'd probably be wondering how I got this track on Blogger. I have Soundcloud now.


Oh and on a side note...

LLB Year 2 results are out.
Yahweh Sabaoth be praised!

I can safely say that I am going to Year 3 in September. I once thought the results were going to come out in late July or early August like most modules. Then I found out from three friends that the results would be out a month after the exams, because the resit period for LLB is in less than two weeks. So three of us — Ruth, Sheila and I — got together on Facebook and talked about the results. I'll be seeing them in Year 3 for Company Law, and I'm glad I'll also have Ruth in my class — she's doing Intellectual Property with me.

Will keep you posted on more. In the meantime, I must find a way to offer a thanksgiving mass...... :D


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