Long absence is long.

So what have I been up to ever since Surrey?

  1. World Youth Day. I shall be writing about that soon, because I have a lot to write, a lot of stories to share, a lot of heavenly joy to spread. ^_^
  2. Getting enough rest after returning to Britain.
  3. Handling the finale of Round 17 of the Mario Paint Original Composition Contest (videos below).
  4. Trying to get my mind geared for i) the new translation of the missal, ii) Damian leaving for Allen Hall, iii) the beginning of term and Freshers' Fair (I may have to be at the chaplaincy booth), iv) whatever else comes my way.
  5. Addressing questions of faith on Formspring.
You might see a few posts coming from me — reflexions before actual content, since reflexions are pretty instantaneous.

I will get back to normal soon — I trust I shall.
Summer is almost over, and I praise and thank the Lord for a summer well spent. 

To end this post, here's the finale of Round 17 of the MPC OC Contest, in nearly spectacular fashion:


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