Small things spoken about in World Youth Day

Meant for good humour. Enjoy. ^_^ I just wanted to share those little things, those little conversations between the people I cherish. There's never a dull moment with the UH CathSoc, indeed.

The actual WYD post is yet to be completed, so stay tuned.

"Why is it that in every video featuring a boyband, they do these unnatural poses that make them think they look cool?" *speaker proceeds to copy antics from boyband, rap and R&B videos*
"Which leads me to my next question: why is it that in nearly every rap and R&B song, I hear the exact same beats? It's unnatural and unoriginal..."
"Simple. You work for a recording company giant, and if you are not a singer-songwriter, tough — they recycle the same beat and give it to you as a backing tune. It's pretty much the same regurgitated garbage in our videos and music."

"Never mind the heat we had to deal with; I guess that was natural. Never mind the smells either. We had to deal with fanservice."
"What's........ fanservice?"
"Fanservice means — baring too much of yourself for the sake of the viewing pleasure of your fans. Well, we have to deal with that in our room."

"You know what happened last night?"
"What is it?"
"In the middle of the night we heard someone screaming in his sleep, 'JESUUUUUUUUS! WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEEEAN?'"
*does not know what to say; ends up laughing*

"Why is the water pressure so low?"
"Apparently because three shower heads can be used at one time. I suppose you can use any three, but it doesn't matter. GAH IT'S COLD!"
"Think I should shift to the taller one?"
"No — I tried that; it fell on me on the first day. That's why I resort to the lower shower heads. BRRRRRR COOOOOOOOOOLD"
"Hurry up, girls! The guys are using the showers in THREE MINUTES!"
"Oh no."

*speaker looks at the person before him and starts drumming on the table*
"Eh? Must you exercise my passion?"
*speaker smiles* "From earthly passions, set me free."

Much later...

"What was that 'From earthly passions, set me free' all about?"
".........Just kidding."

"So you went to National Service, eh?"
"What's that National Service thing all about?"
"Compulsory watered-down military training for about three months."
"Oh! So you learned how to defend yourself and all? Used a weapon?"
"An M16."
"The rifle."
*bursts out laughing*
"We've got to be afraid of her now....."
*smile* "Don't worry, I'm harmless. I used that M16 for target practice and I had zero marks. We had to use live bullets back then — all I did was hit the floor. When we used blanks, I was a lot better. So yeah, I'm harmless."

Coming soon:
World Youth Day: the author tells all
World Youth Day: 'I Survived a Collapsing Tent'


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