Burns Night 2012, in visuals

Unlike last year's Burns Night, this year's was organised for students and parishioners alike. This was owing to the fact that the organiser, Tony Smith, had recently graduated. For the uninitiated, Burns Night is a celebration of all things Scottish. The evening is called 'Burns Night' in honour of Scots poet Robert 'Rabbie' Burns.

I'll be providing images and videos from that night. But I trust you will all know one thing from looking at these pictures and videos: we all did enjoy ourselves!

It's not Troisnyx at a gathering if she didn't have her Flip camera.
Look at that smile. I love when Fr Mark smiles. :D
Tony, John (Rainey) and some parishioners at the back.

Haggis, 'neeps and 'tatties!
For the uninitiated, haggis is sheep's innards — heart, lungs..... — usually spiced and cooked in the sheep's stomach. This time, the casing was not there, so it definitely was less squeamish. But I'll be honest, when I tasted haggis last year, I loved it so much that I went on to have a second helping! And I did again this year.

"Bless us, O Lord, and these our gifts..."

Highland dance demo, with our very own Sarah Langley on the right! :D

Now everyone knows what Sarah and I used to stick the flags on the wall. T_T
Start of the céilidh. Ryan and I were the top couple.
Someone has been watching too much Dragon Ball.

"Tony.... Wit ye dain?" — "Pretending to be a wummin! We were short of a female!"
Down the awesome bridge of awesomeness.
What happens when Tony pretends to be a woman? This, of course! Michael McFadden, our president, was doing a jig with Tony of all people, and well, we all laughed and laughed. Fr Mark's face was red from laughing!
To end off, here is some video input from yours truly. I have a Burns Night playlist, and these are all the videos from start to end. Enjoy!


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