There's a new social network on the block

This came as a response to Facebook's censoring of pro-life images and status updates. The advocates for the cause simply came up with a far better plan.

Presenting !

It's a site to gather together individuals, groups and organisations who hold fast to the sanctity of life of every human being, from conception to natural death.

If I am correct, I am the first ever UK resident to ever sign up for the site. And granted, it has kinks that need to be knocked out. Understandable, considering the site has only recently been launched. I got to know about the site through, a very vocal news page on human life.

Now a number of people on ProLifeBook actually do work related to the field. I don't know what I can do, to be honest. I can blog, but whether I am persuasive is another story. I can sing, and that's the thing I see myself doing best. But we are here to gather pro-lifers from every corner of the world to join forces, stand up and be heard. And there are far more pro-lifers out there than we like to think.

That's my 2p for today.


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