A reunion

Peter (Murphy), Mathilda, Catherine and I got together at Thornton's today before Mass. Tilly and Cat were doing a long-distance walk for the Willow Foundation, and they made it! Since the walk was in Hatfield, they called for us to meet up with them. And it was great!

Dear Michael McFadden, we saw this and we thought of you. You're welcome.

The image comes from an inside joke that we had dating back to World Youth Day 2011: when asked what he was most looking forward to at WYD, Michael replied, "2.5 million young Catholic women!" And then it got worse: he went on looking at each girl, calling them a "strawberry __________" (insert word in blank: cake, trifle, tart, or the blank may not even be needed in some cases). So when we came across strawberry tarts at Thornton's, we thought of him!

Troisnyx, Tilly and Cat! Peter was the one who took all the photos.

Dear everyone, things have just gotten awkward. I will act like the stereotypical Japanese video game developer and throw this awful-looking concoction into the mix. You may gag if you so wish. You're welcome.

Yes, it's a Cadbury creme egg, with the Halloween colour scheme.

Short little post, but that's it for now. See you lot at a later point.


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