The sounds of battle

I had made it a point to pick up, once more, the habit of lectio divina (Scripture study). Like a lot of people who do not know which book to begin with when they have a copy of the Bible before them, I pick a book at random, hoping it may speak to me in a way it speaks to no other.

Yesterday's lectio divina was a bit frightening.

A very close friend of mine suggested, in light of everything that I was going through, that I meditate on Psalm 23 (the one that begins with "The Lord is my shepherd"...). When I came back home after tending to my assignment, I thought of relishing in the entire book of Psalms instead. Instead of starting with 23, I thought, why not start at 1.

Then came the end of Psalm 2 and all of Psalm 3.

Throughout that time, I heard a single, deep war drum pounding inside my heart. I tried to get it out, because I wanted to concentrate on the actual text. Then, as if that was not enough, I heard, in my heart, the grinding of swords -- as if they were being sharpened. The sound of the drum and the grinding swords was just so loud and clear, I didn't know what to make of it at all.

Then, at the end of Psalm 3, it all stopped.

I knew that Psalms 2 and 3 made references to battle and defence against one's enemies, but this was scary as heck. Otherwise, throughout that time I was doing my best to make this lectio a good and fruitful one...


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