Notice that whenever you see the name TroisNyxEtienne* or 3NyxEtienne or even troisnyx*, for that matter, I have some activity in that site or even some links to that site.

I noticed that quite a number of people got attracted to me in chat windows or YourSpins because of my pseudonym. From 2004, when I first started learning French, I eventually came up with this name. It's quite simple, really :

Trois = three. The number three has a number of significances :
  • Everything, good or bad, is said to occur with threes.
  • The number three is central to the concept of the Holy Trinity, the Triune God (three persons in One God), one of the core mysteries of Christianity, and moreso for Catholicism. My previous username (which never went online) was TrinityKHS (Trinity was changed to Trois for obvious reasons).
  • Where would we be without the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Blind Mice and all those threes in children's literature ?
  • Our universe is said to have three spatial dimensions.
  • The French Revolution (which was in itself a fiasco) promoted three social values — liberty, equality and fraternity (liberté, égalité, fraternité).
And I shall stop here, thank you very much.
Nyx = a girl's name. It means night... so it kinda tells the rest I can be enshrouded in darkness.
Etienne = a guy's name. I took the name because it was quite cool.
* = The asterisk was added to remind the others it's a pseudonym.

So there you go - TroisNyxEtienne* !

It was earlier 3NyxEtienne or even ThreeNyxEtienne... but I took delight in using the French version - here I go again. These days you'd see me using troisnyx* more often than not.


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