I came to school for the sake of professional feedback, as it were.

I had a doctor's letter saying that I should take leave for two days - but I ended up coming to school today.

The chief judge who gave us the position in the finals - he came to school today to see how we were doing and to give us tips. He was quite humourous - everyone really liked to play around with him, and he felt welcome, too. But the teachers did not think this was some kind of joke. Still, he did listen to us a number of times, went through the drills with us, gave us every single hint there was to give, gave us the breakdown of the marking scheme... everything, practically.

I guess he's anxious as he does want us to win, for a change. Every time he enters meetings, people turn around and ask him, "What happened to the FTs team ?" Now, I know, he doesn't want the same thing to happen in 2006. Well, we're representing the FTs - let us show 'em !

As the chief judge, we gave him the authority to rate us upon 10 - he gave us a score of 8.5 - not bad, quite good, but it shows that we still need practice. All those teams out there are going to give their best ; so should we. To date, we have one week to the competition - make that less than one week - and that may not be enough to sharpen us, if the rest of the members do not give their all. He had to leave for Sabah today as he had a press conference or something like that. Our trainer, Joaan Foo came back again - and she managed to meet him face to face and see what feedback he was going to give about us.

At the same time, one of our members, Edelin Johanna, celebrated her sweet sixteen today - she's in my class and I know, I'll be one of the last to celebrate my sixteenth birthday. All the choir members had a mini-celebration for her, and so did our class members. I then realised the reason why everyone was bringing presents and gift boxes and cakes and candies to school...

... should have known.


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