I'm school pianist once again !

I was school pianist throughout my primary years. (Except for Year One, of course ; we had to use the cassette recording until cassettes became obsolete.) I was school pianist for Form 1 and 2. But not when I came to Form 3. I had to put up with those terrible descending chromatic scales at the beginning of the school song (when I actually know the original recording didn't have these ; why embellish it any further ???).

Now it's already the third quarter and I'm school pianist once again.

I opted for even weeks - we sing the English version of the school song. Skye's doing the Malay version for odd weeks. Okay, the only difference between the two (apart from language) is the fact that the English version has an extra bar. And I love the English version because I can really express myself within that one bar.

Finally, no more chromatic scales. Except from Skye, but I guess I can forgive her. And yeah, never mind about the occasional mistakes. I never know when I can make them too. She plays well. Never mind if she's in Grade 8 while I'm preparing for DipABRSM. We make a good pair. :)

(wonder if there'll be any added privileges like using the piano at our discretion, like how I used to play and practise during my primary years ?)


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