What have we in mind ?

To win... or not to win ?
To perform... or not to perform ?

I'd definitely take the "yes" answer for both the statements above ! I know what all the members are anticipating as we only have a few days left to competition - yes, it falls on a Wednesday. Keep the winning part right behind us - otherwise, we would be tensed up and there goes everything. If we think of performing, then we would not be tensed up anymore. We may have more feel and I believe we can make it there.

Youpi to all choirgirls ! I want to see in my eyes and hear for myself in tomorrow's practice that we can make it there !!! Sorry I couldn't upload the pictures to this space because most of them didn't turn out right, I have only one picture of us remaining - the group picture ; and I don't have a Bluetooth device. So... the picture's still stuck in my phone. Right now, I am a little worried - but I'm not going to let this worry flood me throughout this week.

Salut to all Form 3 girls - I know you are all going to sit for your PMR trial while we are in Negri Sembilan. Do your best and leave the rest to God. If we [the fourth formers] have attained the mark of 88 straight-A students, I believe that you can make it better than we can. I know that you will be sitting in a confined room with... probably a few invigilators, or maybe even one - do your best. It's an insult for me to wish you "good luck" at this time because this trial thing doesn't depend on luck. It depends on how hard you study. And I believe we can make it - let's stun those at the MOE !


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