Choir steps out ^_^

Taking back our tracks from where we left off - the finals of the choir competition.

Second test has ended and we are back to business. So it is back to practice, back to the groans of people to change their "toilet-cleaners" outfit... We regularly hear those complaints - and I think they ARE necessary this time : all the state choirs are going to be good. So they would most probably be judged on their outfits. And if we use some crappy outfit, we might just lose out !

Finals this time are in Negeri Sembilan and we are staying in the coolest place we can ever find there - Tiara Beach Resort ! OK - I heard it is a nice place, facing the beach and stuff. Apparently there is a waterpark right next to it. However, our teachers did mention "no going to the beach, no swimming in the pool"... Well, I have to see the place for myself. The FT Education Department sponsored us, so we do get to frolick there. We might just as well use the apartment lots - we may be confined to six per room. Nevertheless, we are still free to bring whatever stuff we think we want to bring ! I wonder whether someone would bring a laptop or notebook PC there... I want to pilfer some files !!

We are going to leave Kuala Lumpur on the 8th of August... back to our tour bus. We will be there till the 10th, so there is time to scout round the place and find out more. I wonder whether we will be playing in the water... I also promised some of my teachers that I would try to bring back some goodies from Negeri Sembilan... I would TRY. If I cannot, pardon me please. I'm not the kind who'd bring a whole lot of money outside KL.

The competition is on the 9th of August... imagine what we are going to do before and after that ! We all thought we could have a slumber party there... but not before the competition as this may spoil our voices. I received news from the juniors saying that they are now second in the nation ! Woohoo !!! Now it is our turn - we have to watch out for Perak, Penang, Johor and Sarawak as they have great state teams. And with our current outfit... the teachers have no intention to change at all. There is not much time left : we only have a few weeks and we cannot tailor those clothes.


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