Zeroes to heroes

Ever since 1998...

Another teacher took over CBN's choir and from then on, we slackened. We did not reach even the semifinals. So we were known as the "rejects"of choir competitions in Kuala Lumpur.

But in 2006...

A dedicated teacher named Anna See-Tho Lai Ying, came back to reclaim the post as the teacher-advisor of our choir. We did what we could, we put in so much effort, everything was actually done. And then, we progressed to the finals. At the finals, no one had faith that we would win - except our trainers, Joaan Foo, See-Tho and Ms Anusya ; the parents who were present, the grade school, and our girls from the high school. Everyone had the perception that Victoria Institution [VI] would win like they did from 1998 onwards. And guess what ?

"Announcing the champions of this year's State Level Choir Competition..."

We all looked with hushed faces. I knew, that CBN's grade school would win for sure. But CBN High ?

"SMK Convent Bukit Nanas !!!!! "

CBN - Grade and High - WE ARE THE BEST IN KL !!!!!!!!

This is quite like a miracle - for eight years we were nobodies and now, we shine. It is also a double celebration - both schools met in the finals for the first time - and made it to the top for the very first time !

Back then, when the results were announced, I was sitting among the grade school girls while the high school team were right behind us. Some of them were on the lower floor of the place of the competition. At every five-minute interval, I was holding my friends' hands, praying in tongues, hoping that CBN - both sides - would make it to top three. God really blessed us today. We are both champions...

At the time the results were announced, they did not go according to the proper order : they went from first to third place, which destroyed all the suspense. When they said, "The champions are..." one fella next to my mother had the gall to say "Kepong Baru !". He was put to shame later - Kepong Baru was last in the standings. I could understand why : their version of "Sing a Song of Sixpence" was a bit dissonant and fast. And their patriotic song, "Berjaya", was supposed to be sung with a more legato texture - but they detached everything.

The defending champions, VI, had the gall to come up to the judges and ask, "Why did we not win ?" And the judges turned round and told them,

"CBN's second number, Remix- Think of Me + Somewhere Over The Rainbow is a hard song - two hard songs crammed up into one. And for a high school to perform such songs with such nice harmony, we do not see why they should lose to you."

Or at least, that's what I heard.That kinda put them in their faces !

Well, finals are about to approach us next month... We do not know what's in store for us, but we do know that we are going to try our best. And yes, we ARE going to change our cleaners' attire !!!!! I really am thinking of doing away with lilac - it has been a jinx in our last few years and we do not want it to be our theme colour. So what now ? Any light shade will do. I would not mind a lime-green baju kurung with a few hints of gold on it... Teachers, PLEASE FOLLOW WHAT THE GRADE SCHOOL DID FOR US !

Just today I talked to the grade school's senior assistant and she told us the same thing. So when I mentionned that we were wearing this lilac assymetrical blouse, she said no at once because it was a jinx to the whole choir three years back ! She called the teacher in charge and chided her with the ideas of actually revamping - or changing our attire. I do not know what she is going to do about it, but there is one thing I do know - that teacher would respect my former senior assistant - almost everything she says is done.

So, I know that right after this week, it is back to practice for us - and intensive practice too. We are bound to face the good choirs from - well, most probably Penang, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak... I just hope WE do shine. Hey, it is the Federal Territories' flag this time, not just Kuala Lumpur ! Or at least, that is what I think we are flying in the finals.

Double celebration will take place. They actually told us, WE [the champions' team] would be carrying the Federal Territories' flag so KL, let us bring honour to the state and the Territories alike.

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