School choir in training, prior to the Preliminaries

Alright, keep left, good ! Right foot out, good ! This was the practice for the moves for I Will Follow You.

Raise your hands everyone... No ! This is not Handel's Hallelujah ! Cut it out !

Don't we just love breaks ? I know the one in the PJK outfit is Lyana the conductress, but I can't make everyone else out.

Ah. Recess. From left : Huda, Nealissa and (dang, I forgot to ask her name !).

Poor Cik Faridah ! She must be tired ! And perhaps suffering from migraine after all that screaming, yelling and singing. (I'd best keep watch and not drum on my seat whilst she's around.)

Again, training for I Will Follow You. Background, from left : Nealissa, Ku Aliah, Lokeetha, Jannah, Naili, Saidatul, Puteri Sabrina. And Jojo, I wish you didn't wear shorts on this one. :p

Let me love you, baby, let me love yooooouuuuuuuuuuuu......

This was done during the May holidays and well, I just hope everything turns out right.
Oh, by the way, happy belated birthday, Mama. God bless you. I love you lots.


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