CBN School Carnival 2007

Some pictures of the school carnival. The clear ones aren't mine, I've only got a blur K700i camera. However, I'm keeping them as they help tell the story.

The prefects waiting in line before it all began.
Vivian and Skye unfurling the banner.

The prefects posing with the principal, Pn Siva and Pn Hanizah and the VIPs - and they've even got confetti poppers with them !
A view of the carnival site from the first floor.

Amanda and I posing for the camera.

I posed for the camera before all the action began.

The teachers did their bit for the fund-raising too - they've got their own stall where they were selling nasi lemak and other stuff.

Pn Sarjit, our class teacher, manning the 5U stall with a (look very closely) abdominal brace. Man, she did a good job there.

The 5U students manning the stall. We were selling finger food.

The Bukit FM personnel. They were accepting requests and playing current air-wave hits. Sadly, no Zazie or you-know-who to entertain me.

The horror house, set up by 5B. I only got to see the exterior as it was scorching and there was a long queue outside. I went to other stalls to have fun. But I heard that whoever went in there came out with palpitations ! Good job there, 5B.
Me saying "Salut !" before the camera. The "luuuuuut" sound is shown.

I managed to talk to the people from Rock City School of Music - they were there to judge in the Bakat Bukit Nanas thing. The one on the left is Michele, the one who's soon going to train the school choir, and the one on the right - I forgot his name. But all the same, I told them, judge me as you would anyone else.

This guy, we simply call him Kit. He's one of the higher-ranking people at Rock City.

The hall stage, set up for the Talent Quest. Beyond this point I couldn't take anymore pics of the hall because I was performing.

One of the contestants making up.

From left : Valerie, Sue Faye. Notice the tags that they've got on their shirts - students from the respective classes made these tags. I remember personally cutting out the hands and drawing different styles of U's on them, and writing names on each of the digits.
From left : Zawanah, Vivian and Sheela Ratnam.

Students posing with the principal - many of them were from 5U. From left : Phoebe, Sue Faye, Farah Dinah, Jasmine, Pn Ann Khoo, Su Ning, Jia Wen, Vivian, Skye and Ling Yee Siew.

 Every year the school has a fund-raising event. I think two years ago it was a dinner-and-dance, then last year it was a jogathon, and this time it's a carnival, and I think it's the best so far !

This day's special to me for three reasons. Firstly, Naili (from Form 4) and I won the Bakat Bukit Nanas. Never mind about her taking the trophy home. Secondly, I celebrated my birthday (didn't get to do it on the 12th of April because dad wasn't around then). And thirdly, it's mom and dad's wedding anniversary !

Had a low-key celebration, not a birthday bash - but well, it still meant a lot to me.


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