Oh dear. T_T

We formed our praise and worship team just recently - in preparation for the confirmands' retreat in late May.

And all those who put their musical talent forward for the Lord :

Keys : troisnyx*, Cassandra, Michelle
Guitars/Basses : Devin
Drums : Evan, Brandon

We had our first practice this week.

And dear me, I almost wept.

Cassandra, you know how my heart was pounding when Evan and Brandon took to the drums. I suppose you understand how much I want to play. I watch them with so much awe and I wonder if someday, I could play just as well as they do. But I feel scared to even ask Adrian, the leader, or the two drummers - for fear of rejection. And I'm just lucky Adrian didn't see me or else..... I'd have been char-grilled.

What's a poor girl like me to do ?


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