And so this is our drama entitled...

"No one knows".

So this is how the story goes :

There's this rich man with a penchant for chocolates. Chocolates aside, he saves his greatest treasure in a safe [probably too old to think of putting it in a bank]. And people think it's money, but what is it ? Everyone tries to covet this treasure, but who is the mastermind behind it ?

He has a son, a little daft, and a girlfriend. He can only remember the fact that the girlfriend is a woman and therefore calls her... WOMAN ! He easily falls prey to the temptations of his girlfriend... the temptations to steal the treasure.

Meanwhile, the rich man's wife and her secretary had some business together. And the deal was - break into the rich man's vault and steal the treasure. It seems that the son and his girlfriend get there, and find that the vault is empty. However, when the rich man finds out about it, the treasure means nothing to him anymore.

Seemingly, the boy, his girlfriend, the man's wife, and her secretary are all up to steal the treasure. Surely there is a mastermind behind his wife's plan, and his son's plan. Who could it be ?

And the greatest treasure in his life is... well... not money, not even chocolates... but knowing who to trust in life. If not one's family members, then who ? People ask so many questions on who to trust. (Heck, in reality, I have family members I can't trust. A whole lot of them. So-called family members !)

This satiric drama performed by Class 5U has not been understood by the schoolteachers, but received standing ovation from university lecturers. Written by Naomi, conjured by Pete himself... [and some of the students, whose crazy ideas were to put chocolate in the vault instead of money], props done by all class members, BGM by Vivian...... yada yada yada, I could go on rambling about this.

Finals are in April and we have not much time to finish up the props and train. The classes that made it are 5B, 5U, 5T and 5A. However, we can "x" 5T and 5A out of the list. The remaining classes are 5B and 5U. Who will make it this time ?

This one's a pic of the whole class, sans troisnyx*. I wasn't present in school that day. In the middle is Peter Yap. Behind the whole class is the backdrop we'll be using for the competition.
Jia Wen and (I think) Sue Faye making the cardboard "books" for the shelves.

This is the backdrop. Choco Factory Inc. Edelin came up with the crazy idea of chocolate, so Peter Yap and the rest of the class decided that we do a parody of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thus the candy canes and stuff. But the candy canes weren't supposed to be stuck there ; rather, there were four pimps accompanying the main character, those pimps were supposed to dance with those candy canes !

The "male" characters, as it were. From left, Kuhaniyaa, Thepa and Amrita (whom we fondly call Amrish).

The female characters. From left, Su Ning, Mei Yan L. Standing in the background is Jocelyn.

See, we made it such that every person in class has her own book. We've got Naomi's book (and she's a literary genius I tell you !), we've got Vivian's book, and we've got Mei Yan's book (as usual, pink with candies) :)

Come on 5U girls, faisons-le !!!


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