Just another one of those rites of passage

Every year, when it comes to Language Week in school, the Form 4 classes have to prepare for their Malay language drama, while the Form 5 classes have their English language drama. And so come one of the most tiresome but memorable rites of passage : rehearsal.

Shuet May and Sue Faye fighting for something-or-others.

The cast memorising their lines before it all began. And since the picture quality is so bad, I can't really make out the people in this pic.

From left : Farah Dinah, Anis. We were all seated on the stage throwing in some suggestions.
From left : Vivian, Shuet May. Shuet May's a drummer just like me - only better. She plays for the school band - now her incessant urge to drum actually surfaces here - she's been tapping on the stage floor for goodness knows how long.

Naomi's embarrassing fall down the stairs.

From left : Amrita, Sim Yee. Both of them hold lead roles. In the foreground is Peter Yap.
From left : Peter Yap, Anis. Now, the person who was supposed to play the villain didn't turn up for practice, so Peter had to recite her lines instead.

Anis = Cleopatra ? o.O
Was it an intended stretch, or was it Peter falling off the chair ? I can't recall. Never mind.
The Emperor's New Groove effect. Sim Yee had to say "Did not !" while Amrita had to say "Did to !" and Sim Yee would come in faster, "Did not !" and Amrita comes in with a faster "Did to !" and both of them end up saying their lines together so that it creates a substantial amount of noise. It's like what those two kids did in The Emperor's New Groove - with their "Yeah-uh" and "Nu-uh".

The "gamblers" rehearsing their lines. From left : Shuet May, Su Ning, Amrita, Kuhaniyaa and Thepa.
Sometimes I wonder whether that flimsy table can hold that much weight. It doesn't look like it's got a metal top anyway.
Me and Skye. We were posing after taking a break for ourselves, jamming on the piano and creating noise.

That noise we made irked Peter so much, he decided to take to the keys. And my, he is skilled ! He was playing "The Maiden's Prayer" and if I were to play that, I'd be making slips here and there.

There has to be a sore thumb. From left : Yi Lin, troisnyx*, Skye.

At the end of it all, Su Ning, Vivian and Anis were reviewing the pictures they all took.

Till now, no costumes, no props, and we're battling it out against the other seven classes. Soon, I'll expose the storyline.


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