Lessons have never been this fun before...

We all know Peter Yap as Anne Yap's big brother... and all that sibling rivalry between them. And I wonder what'd happen in Mary Yap's class......

...but still, we have to admit : he is one great teacher. English and EST lessons have never been this fun before !! Take this explanation of the Kyoto Protocol for example :

"What is the Kyoto Protocol, sir ?"
""Okay, suppose everyone in this class emits carbon dioxide gas... by farting. And one of you farts more, so you're emitting more carbon dioxide gas. When you sign the protocol, you agree to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. That is to say, you agree to fart less." Good grief !!!!!! *laughs*

Despite my failed efforts in the EST presentation, I still have to say that lessons were made more fun through the use of PowerPoint presentations. No more textbooks, no more heavy bags. And we would always love to see Shuet May's blur face when a presentation is in progress. Or, we would always love to hear someone saying "Help, I do not understand the whole thing", yada yada yada.......

The funny thing that we would not do before and after the examination - before the examination, five minutes of petition... to him. And after the examination, five minutes of thanksgiving... yeah, you got it already. Read on if you wanna know what I did during the examination...

Anne, you HAVE to read this. Fine, I know 'cause I hear sometimes... your bro thinking you are dumb and you thinking he is dumb... but you two make a great pair of siblings. After all, I see you two look just like each other. We have to admit : without him, we would be expecting a drab English or EST class... unless we suggest that we no longer use textbooks. That would be more like it. Still, no one gives great explanations like he does.

Peter [do not mind us calling you by your first name this time !], we'll miss you a lot... if you ever go. I for one, feel attached to new teachers [although they do not see this]. And when the new teacher leaves, I go home, I break down, and cry. Especially if that teacher has brought life to the class. Thanks so much for being with us. We have one plea : please stay with us longer !

[although I do not know whether this would be for real]

I took this from Anne's blog [in proper English this time] :

"His classes are weird.
- When he enters, everyone says "Good morning, Mr Yap" ; I just say good morning.

- When he says something and I do not know what he is talking about, I just say "huh ??" because I cannot call him "sir"... and I cannot call him Peter in class.

- He has never caught the company eating during his lessons. I asked him what he would do if he caught us eating, and he said "I would not mind." Good for us.

- One friend will tell me that "his pants are too tight for his butt". So... now I know what they look at while Peter is teaching.

But [Anne says] Peter isn't fit to be a teacher.

- He can't tell us to do homework [or what, he doesn't bring himself to do it ?] - he didn't do his homework while at school. (Reminds me of the homework backlog problem I had in Form 1, it was terrible. Enough said.)

- He can't tell us to study - he hardly studied too.

- He can't tell us not to eat in class - he and his friends used to eat in class too. *laughs*

And the people ask why he is teaching. It definitely isn't for the pay - the pay is sad.
He teaches because he does not want his kid sister to be left without an English/EST teacher."

Still, we salute you for everything you have done - brightening up the class, making lessons fun, making us laugh... doing it to save Anne's face... you are still the best English/EST teacher we have ever had, and losing you would be........ you know......

I've a whole lot of things which I wanna share, and I bet the other classmates do feel the same too... only that there's a lot to share. Too much, in fact The part where you cajoled us for five minutes of petition and five minutes of thanksgiving... I prayed for you. And I wanna offer you up in my prayers... at least tonight.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in his care always.
Hope we meet again


Annette [and the rest of 5U]


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