School choir updates

Icebreaking is done, so are the auditions. And we have half the team, and both our songs... ready to get into action !

By the way, the songs this time are "Putra Putri" and a remix, "I Will Follow You/Can't Take My Eyes Off You". Imagine, that's already good enough to make heads turn : people will relate to "I Will Follow You" because of the DiGi advertisements, and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" from the Carlsberg advertisements in some Astro channels. The last meeting was on Tuesday 2007/01/23 and I made my previews there. And we recalled the glorious victory in the state finals with last year's songs. Only this time, the senior batch is no longer there. My batch is now the senior batch. So there we were, in the audio visual room, with that absolutely old piano and... the choirgirls laughing at me whille I was trying to play it.

So our next agenda would be... well... to train for the 2007 Competition and - probably our version of High School Musical.... ? I have a number of questions about our agenda, really...

- Is our HSM version comprising original songs, or do we have to take those of HSM ?
- Are we going to have someone to choreograph our moves ? Because we are lifeless !!

Well... for those, I guess I just have to wait for answers. Meanwhile, for those who were in the 2006 Team, keep track of our progress please !

Meanwhile, my attempt to make "Sejahtera Malaysia" our compulsory patriotic song has already been rejected. We have not much time to practice. Prelims are in April and we only have one month to fine-tune everything... so, yeah. People, pray for us ! Please !

At the same time, my composition Kasih is going for the "Puisi Berlagu" Concours in April... now, just hope those two do not clash ! Six members in the team, and we hope our school clinches the title....

...preferably both.


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