I'll be having the same teachers next year, imagine this...

I don't know what for, but I guess it's just to see how we're progressing towards the SPM. Some of them, I'd love to have. Some of them, I'd love to have but they can be just plain annoying. Nyeah well, they're humans anyway.

Let me introduce my whole line-up of teachers for the U class :

Pn Wahida (Malay)
She reminds me of my first class teacher, Pn Rahani. Pn Wahida is motherly, but firm. And she's the one whom we can get heart-to-heart to. I hear she's got that "Guru Cemerlang" (outstanding teacher) title already. Yep, she's an outstanding teacher. I adore her.

Pn Sarjit (English)
She's our class teacher. Nice, but sometimes, the nagging and the lectures can be overdone. Ugh. She and I have some kind of affinity for each other because.... well, Punjabi blood-duh ! Although I honestly wish she wouldn't use the textbook so much. It's like making us grapple onto it for dear life when proper English, or the Queen's English, I'd say, is more than just what's contained in the textbook.

Madam Loo (Math)
She and I were uptight in Form 1 due to the homework backlog problem, but I guess that's behind us now. Learning with her is like watching a Phua Chu Kang episode : Manglish to the fore ! Whenever we need clarity, translate into Malay. :) Although, to be honest, I fear Math lessons. I don't fear the exams themselves.

Madam Khor (Add Math)
She looks....... drop dead gorgeous. Heart-shaped face, tall stature, straight hair (I guess she took afer my rebonding move), and in front of the class, teaching us Add Math ! And she's the sympathetic kind too.

Pn Nor Haida (later replaced by Cik Faridah) (Biology)
I had Pn Nor Haida in Form 1 and Form 3 and I really feel that she's a good Science teacher. And my, the effort she made in her English ! I remember that while I was in Form 1 she was grappling with grammatical errors. And now, fuh ! Her grammar is perfect ! It's a pity she had to leave. But well, she'll be back in a few years' time, and I guess future students will always have her around. Not too sure about Cik Faridah, though - I just got to know her.

Ms Winnie (Chemistry)
I can't believe she's still a Miss ! Anyway. She's kind, jovial, bubbly, but when it comes to homework..... do it or else you're out of the class. And my, when she gives us notes for dictation....... here comes the mail train. I had to yell out in class, "Oh Lord, please ! Slowly !" and she'd slow down. And the good thing about her (which lacks in some teachers) is, she makes use of external media during class. Aw man, and I love making presentations for Chemistry class ! It helps me improve my PowerPoint mastery.

Mr Hoo (Physics)
Mr who ? Hoo. Who ? And I bet by repeating "Hoo" and "who" you'd already get the joke.
Yep, he's the only male teacher I have in my entire line-up and he knows his work well. When it comes to hands-on work, he's just as good as Ms Winnie. Yep, I enjoy myself. Although sometimes, he swallows his words and goes too fast. But well, he's still one of those endearing teachers I've got. :)

Cik Rahimah (later replaced by Ms Ooi) (Physical Education)
Cik Rahimah often complained of pains but well, she still hung on for our sake. And when it came to push-ups, she could still do it. I almost fell and my energy was depleted once during Physical Education but she kept telling me to go on. Now I come to the sad realisation that she's afflicted with cancer.

Pn Maryati (History)
Ah. I love History lessons. And they're made even more fun with Pn Maryati. She's just like Pn Wahida - loving, endearing, but firm. I sometimes go to the staffroom when there's no teacher in class - just to have a chat with her. And perhaps, any other teacher who's around. She's been through a lot, no doubt - but she's strong.

Pn See Tho (Moral Studies)
I like Pn See Tho, and that too, because of her added post as teacher-advisor of the school choir. She's got a soft spot for young students like us. But I don't like Moral Studies because it imposes an extra burden on us. Had she not been the teacher-advisor of the school choir (never mind about the past mistakes, I'm talking about her personality here ?) I wouldn't have gotten to know her that much. Oh, and I hear she's writing the Moral Studies revision books for Sasbadi. (: Thumbs up to you.

Pn Mozita Azura (English for Science and Technology)
She's nice, except for one thing : she can't seem to get the word "confiscated" right. There'll be one extra syllable such that everytime she says it, it goes, "confisticated" - and other English teachers have been commenting on that. Otherwise, she's good. Through and through. Other media are brought into the class and that makes learning extra fun.


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