Awards Day 2007

As in previous posts, not all of these pictures are mine, but they serve to fill up the gaps in the whole story. The rest of the pictures were taken by Vivian Choong. Awards Day took place yesterday and man, it was a blast ! Never mind about me not getting any prizes. I still had my moment of glory.

Before the Awards Day

The chairs, neatly arranged in rows by the prefects. The VIP seats are at the front.

Taking charge of the sound system. From left : Ling Yee Siew, En Rohizan and Mr Hoo.

The finished backdrop.

And on the big day

A slideshow. The CEO of the Truly Loving Company (TLC), Julia Chong, was here yesterday. And yes, she's an ex-CBN girl. Okay, in case you haven't seen TLC products in the market, look out for the stuff with a green house and a pink heart. :) 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

Are they truly listening in attention, or is this just plain boredom ? I know the one with her finger on her nose is Nur Nida.

Dairshini as the English-speaking emcee of the day. (Dang, where's Azwa, our Malay-speaking emcee ?)

The bharathanatiyam dance from the Indian Cultural Society. Man, these girls are good ! I hear one of them's in Form 1.
The fan dance as taken from Vivian's side.....

...and as taken from my side. See the difference in picture quality ?
4B students doing an Independence Day-themed drama. I know these "Japanese soldiers" are saying "We'll kill, loot and plunder." Although I wish someone would be nice enough to write hiragana symbols on their uniforms.
Two of the girls from the school band. Now, I forgot their names, but they requested me to take a picture of them. So I did. :) Although I wish I could take a picture of Carmen, the percussionist. (Oh, and I was tempted to play the snare drum in front of everyone until I realised that even the stage would get the sound if I played. So I relented.)

From left : troisnyx*, Skye. I was about to get ready for Ressonnant's performance.

Choir members heading to the back of the canteen for one final warm-up before the curtains opened on us.
Make-up time. From left, top to bottom : Azry Rasyeqa, Hazwani Arina, Fazrina and... (I can't make out the face of the other person).

Farah Hanna and Naili, the two soloists, being briefed by Jojo during the warm-up. (Jojo didn't get in the picture.)
This is it ! Our moment of glory ! And for the first time ever, the students, the teachers and the parents and everyone present gave us a huge round of applause, complete with cheers and screams from the fangirls. It was two days after Fete de la Musique and now the entire school knows us as state champions. (Ohhhh, I remember the days where we used to be horrible !)
Strike up the band. I didn't get much coverage on them, and I didn't take Vivian's pictures ; but when I heard the drummer pounding her beat, my heart began to pound too. (Please, stop me before I start ranting on how much I want to play the drums.)
And after everything was done...

The Kesenas dance troupe after their performance was over. Wait : I can only make out one person - Farah Syazliana ? (bottom, first from left)
From left : Pn Ann, one of the Infant Jesus sisters (heck, we're a CONVENT, remember !) and Skye.
From left : Mrs Siva, Mrs Alice George and Julia Chong.
The "Japanese soldiers" causing terror and havoc after the performance was over. From left : Alicia Ho, Loh Sin Toun, Chang Yu Ling and (dang, I forgot her name too !). Caught up in the tension is Mak Pui Yee. :)
Azwa and Dairshini posing for the camera after a good day's work.
Oh, and what's a function without people to clean up behind us ? From left : Fawn, Su Ning, Yee Siew and Sue Faye. (This is why I didn't want to be a prefect : note, kutip sampah).

Ah, now I can go home and rest after having a glorious moment. Mom and dad were proud of me. I'm glad. Thanks a lot. :)


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