KL Choir Finals pictures

Outside the concert hall, prior to the competition

All of us making up.

Sitha and Shima trying to do up their hair ribbons. Start with the neck and bring it up !

Sitha's ribbon wasn't tied up yet, but Sabrina's was.

Lyana and me striking a pose. We were the only ones in the team not to have hair ribbons.

The choir warming up outside.

Inside the concert hall, prior to the competition

Me trying out the piano. The sound was kinda okay.

The girls getting restless.

Having fun at the stage before the breathing/vocal exercises.
Crunch time.
Inside the concert hall, after the competition
The grade school girls getting restless.

Bridget and Petrina striking a pose together.

From left: Shima, Wing Yie and Natalia.

Mom and me.

The girls all fretting over the results. It was break and the judges were away, the performances were already over.......

Mom and Sitha's mom. That's the last memory I have of them together.
And the pictures of victory are quite suffiiciently explained !

Cik Faridah and the vocal trainer Michele standing together after it was all over.
And yes, what's a choir competition without.... lunch


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