His words were prophecy !

It happened, seven years ago.

I was nine and performing with my other grade school companions for the AYA Awards in The Mariott Hotel, KL. So at that time, there were many who seemed to like my rendition of "Colours of the Wind" (it was the most happening song at that time !). So one of the young achievers (I think at that time he was 19) had a chat with me. And I remember the immortal words he said,

"Trust me. One day, you are going to play in front of the Prime Minister. I'm sure of it."
The only thing was, after talking to him, I forgot to ask his name !

Now, it's 2007. And his words were a prophecy fulfilled.

2007/08/18 is to be the beginning of..... well, I'm just not sure. But still, it's a happy event - it's the Grand Opening of the Independence Day Congress at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, and Ressonnant Inc. is invited to perform there. And it's one of the nation's biggest events - duh. The Prime Minister and the whole Cabinet are going to be there !!!!!!!!!!

So Ressonnant Inc, don't make fools out of yourselves. Okay ?

I sat down to writing another score just for the occassion, and hopefully I can get it done by Monday. Meanwhile, with the trial examinations going on, practice will be rather difficult - in between intervals, with hardly any time for revision. And then again, on Friday the 17th we have to head over to PICC just for the final rehearsal, to check out the acoustics, to test the keys, etc., etc., etc.

While in the bus to Putrajaya I took some pictures. From left : Farah Hanna, Saidatul.

From left : Bridget, Petrina.

From left : Farah Dibba, Ku Aliah.

Nasiha listening to my playlist. I gave her one half of my headset - it was a miserable K700i with so little memory, of course it couldn't hold much ! But I guess she must've enjoyed the songs. Because she ended up listening to it again on the way back to school.
Making our entry into the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

I took a picture of their entry after running to the front, surpassing everyone. Lishia was stunned, Jannah was closing her eyes, and Intan... well....... She looks ecstatic !
The huge Kongres sign.

The choirgirls upstage.
And just when we were singing, our rivals Victoria Institution kicked in. They were supposed to rehearse for the closing ceremony of the Congress - we're doing the opening.
Back in school, the girls began their crazy antics. Hands akimbo, there's Bridget. Intan, Sabrina, Nurin and Farah Dibba are looking around her. I admit I was a little crazy too ; I actually smuggled a cell phone into school where the rule says that cell phones are prohibited.
I think Lyana didn't want her photo taken after all those crazy antics. She even screamed, "Cut it out !"

And I couldn't help but laugh.
After that we got back to business, with Michele training us for the big day.

Well....... I never thought that guy's words would actually come true. Until now.

So I talked to Thierry about this and this is what actually happened (translation).

Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
Hey 'sup ?
thierry says:
I'm good, how's it going ?
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
So-so lah, things are kinda weird for me. You ?
thierry says:
Nothing new la, taking things as they come...
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
^^ Aiyoh I'm scared of next weekend la
thierry says:
ah bon exam again
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
Nah, not exactly
thierry says:
So whuzzat ? You're in that band you formed, and you're having a concert in front of 3 million, shall I say ?
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
No, it's the choir. We'll be in Putrajaya for a congress. The PM's gonna be there, and the rest of 'em. I shudder to think---
thierry says:
Haihhhh just another dream...
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
No it isn't a dream. We were called by MOE !
thierry says:
Like Superman ?
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
If I could prove it to you... I'd scan the letter.
thierry says:
Well it happens
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
^^* I know it's like, hey, supernatural or something, but someone gotta tell others.
thierry says:
Here's to a new challenge eh
Batteuse TroisNyxEtienne* says:
Me thinkin about it

=) So he finally believed. I know others may not believe if I tell them.
Once the Congress is over I'll be returning to troisnyx* officiel with pictures.


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