The end of another chapter.

Hence ends my saga as a DipABRSM candidate. Today, at 10.30 am, it was all over.

Impiana KLCC was a nice place, all in all, perfect for examinations - but one phase of it is still under construction. That was actually what made it look unsightly.

I came to Impiana KLCC with a shock - first off, I was expecting the conductress, Lyana to be there (she was to take her Grade 8 examination at Venue 8). Yes she was there, but there was no chance of us seeing each other. And then, I was the second candidate to sit for the examination (I knew I was going to be one of the earliest). And then, two women - I had to be extra careful.

So when I came to the registration counter, I panicked. Both my copies of the programme notes were taken into the examination room ! What about me ? I was scared sick. Then, when the first candidate came out, I had a small chat with her just to find out what they were bound to ask. After all, what could they ask ?

And then when the door was open again for me to come in, I was greeted by a friendly face. Sweat. Maybe it justwas not so bad after all !

Having shaken my hand (it was cold, and I mean freezing), the two examiners asked me whether I wanted to test the piano or proceed with the pieces. Not entirely sure of myself, I tested the piano. When I felt more confident, I did the pieces. I faltered here and there, but it was not entirely a memory lapse. Then came the question, "Would you like to have a chat with us or proceed with the quick study ?"

I went on with the chat because I just was not too confident of doing the quick study. I was known for tentative sight-reading.

The questions asked were all about the pieces, how I interpreted them, and the analysis. When asked about my favourite piece, I said "Debussy" and proceeded with how the new sound forms drew my attention, etc., etc., etc. My third piece, which was one of Beethoven's sonatas, was the hardest and the weakest of the lot - because I had the most falters there. So when asked about the third movement (it is a Scherzo, and is meant to be played in a mocking/joking mood), I said, "The piece has ambiguous pauses, sudden silences, breaking off in the melody lines, and I have accented some notes to give it that mocking character. Oh, yeah, and the falters add to the funniness !"

At that point, all three of us burst out in laughter. Oh, how right it was ! =)

Overall, God willing, I may pass. But I am not sure about what pass I am bound to get. Hope it is a Clear Pass or a High Pass ! If it lands at a distinction, all praise ! Meanwhile, results are to come in a month's time.


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