"Go now, you are sent forth"

From left : Bianca, troisnyx*. I know I looked quite weird here.

Lisa, Bianca and Florence sharing a light moment.

I guess they're exchanging their farewells. I know the one on the right is Kimberly Chew.

Group 3 members having a light moment. From left : Amy, Cynthia and Cassandra.

It's me. And my, I love this off-shoulder blouse !

Wait, isn't that Evan Morris the drummer, getting hugged ?

Captain Frank delivering his session to us for the last time. I'm gonna really miss him. He was the first to see me play the drums in Confirmation Course.

My last form of bodily contact with Cassandra before we take our separate ways. I wonder if I'll ever see her face-to-face again...

The confirmands listening in attention.

The final Confirmation class, or the "sendoff" as it were, was emotional. But after a strengthening session by Captain Frank in the Tony de Mello Room, we took our separate paths. Some went abroad, some went for post-confirmation, while I was one of the unfortunate few who had to prepare for SPM and sit at home. But never mind - I guess I'm doing what the Lord has put in front of me to do.


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