Some career talk at KLCC

We were in 5U, discussing about what to expect from that fair thing in KLCC. It was a Saturday, and we had to go to school ! Foreground, from left : Elaine, Sue Faye and Phoebe.

Oh, and the turnout was HUGE !

We were all crowding around the booth set up by the accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers. I think I know why : everyone started getting addicted to those foam keychains they were giving out ! :) I've got two - one orange and one green - but I didn't take a picture of them. Lazy.

From left : Denise (is that her ?), Kit Leng, Vivian, Parveen Farsha. And I can't make out the rest of the faces.

While the talk was going on. Honestly, I could sit through the first three - architecture, accountancy and law. After that it became boring.

From left : Mdm Tan and Pn Saadiah.

From left : Cheryl Khor and Cheryl Khoo.

It got so boring, I had to take a picture of myself. Now, prefects, will you be running after me just because I didn't bring my name tag ? Stop focusing on trivial things, s’il vous plaĆ®t ? I purposely took this picture because I had to bring this message across - sometimes, there're better things to focus on than just appearance and name tags.

From left : Dairshini, Denise.

There was this career talk attended by students of 5B and 5U (and now, I don't see why the school had to give focus on these two classes when there were other great brains in other classes) and I went there just to see what five main professions in Malaysia would offer - let's see, we had law, medicine, architecture, accountancy and something else... I forgot. Talk about free snacks and goodie bags ! :D

(and for lack of anything better to do, troisnyx* becomes amateur photographer again.)


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