The day approaches.


In two days I'll be heading off to Terengganu with the rest of Ressonnant Inc. That's like, going really far just for one single competition.

Six hours of rides with one toilet break in between, three hours of English for Science and Technology tests for the Form Fivers, several hours of practice, several hours of post-curfew after 11:00 p.m., and the next day is the concours !

Oh yes... I can proudly call myself a Ressonnant member. I've served for eight straight years, with some success and defeat stories.

I made some more updates to the site following Michele's comment on it, and then... I practically had nothing to do. Honestly, I anticipate the moment. The Choir Nationals is like a battle - 15 teams meet on the field and fight ; only one reigns supreme. Just like last year ; only this time we are aiming for it, with a new edge and a new approach towards choir.

I could just cry out "Allez, allez Ressonnant !" but I need the rest of the 34 - err, 33 around me.

Thanks Ressonnant, for eight years of teamwork, maturity and friendship.


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