The final disappointment

Key Events

At around 8 a.m. we left school, the same time the rest of the school was doing their trial examination. Twelve hours later, we sat for it !

It was an 8-hour long ride in the bus before we finally set foot in Kuala Terengganu. We were to stay at Yen Tin Midtown - a decent two-star hotel (thank God it was not a dormitory, but can't they bring it back to five-star instead ????). The meals were decent and all. We came in full force - everyone from the team was dressed in Ressonnant tees. Later that evening, we went to the nearby seafront park, Dataran Syahbandar - to train. While I was busy figuring out what chords to give, I was just sitting by while the rest of Ressonnant did their thing.

After dinner, the Form 5 girls sat for the trial examination while the rest of the choir went for a briefing. Honestly, it was just not examination-styled : we were actually laughing and talking and giggling in the examination hall !!!

As for those who went for the briefing, talk about lack of hospitality. The guy who gave the talk was just plain rude.

I mingled with the Sabah team, the Penang team and the Sarawak team. And boy, they sure were friendly ! =)

That night, I went to sleep in anticipation. I breathed a prayer before sleeping. I just couldn't wait !

The day was finally here.

I had a heavy breakfast, and we all headed to Dataran Syahbandar again for our final training. Halfway I had to make a pit stop. And from the toilet with all its so-called "soundproof" walls, I could hear every single one of them !

Meanwhile, I don't know how this spread, but practically everyone came to know the fact that I wrote the score. So that earned me respect. Even so, I just brushed it aside.

We practised using the stage at Wisma Darul Iman, Kuala Terengganu's city hall. The stage was huge... truly, the hall was much bigger than last year's. I was awestruck ! Then while entering the stage, I came in my punk-rocker attire : team tee, jeans, belt and chains. I mean, leg chains, wallet chains, all chains.

Everyone was gung-ho about the competition as we were making up, dressing up and doing up our hair. I didn't have lunch ; the rest of them did. Headed over to Wisma Darul Iman, where all the fifteen state teams were gathered.

The rules : no clapping in between, no cheering. Is that illogical or what ??

We were the third team to perform after Sabah and Johore. I enjoyed Sabah's performance (Convent St. Francis), but I didn't see the Johor team. Then, it was up to us to take centerstage.

People whispered among themselves, "TV1 !" and "DiGi !" as we sang our songs. They were truly entertained - or at least, that was what they told me. I looked at the Ressonnant girls. I daresay that we enjoyed ourselves. Except for the fact that somebody sabotaged us earlier : they told us not to snap. To our utmost disappointment, many other teams snapped without any lease of marks ! Worse still, I didn't sing !

The results were to be announced during the Choir Contingents' Dinner. I changed into my formal attire - a black-and-gold Punjabi suit. Later, towards the dinner, we found out that we had to switch back into choir outfit ! So, tired and breathless, I had to run up again from the second to the sixth floor just to change.

There in the dinner, I mingled with the other teams. And the other teams had luck over us - again.

Sarawak and Sabah earned first and third place respectively, and I do say that they deserved it. Selangor was second and Perlis won the Merit Award, but I wonder what could've earned them the awards. Honestly.

I was disappointed, as I was the one who wrote the score in the first place. I broke down. I failed miserably to touch the hearts of the judges - and I can never do it again. This is my last year in school. I called home and decided that there was nothing much to write back home after that.

We spent four hours touring Kuala Terengganu, saying our farewells, and the next eight afternoon hours heading back home.

While in the bus, we did a rap version of Victoria Institution's theme song, "Jong Jong Inai" with the original lyrics. It was impressive except for one thing : their pitching was out !!!!!

I stepped out of the bus at 8-something p.m. and at that moment, I stepped down as choir pianist. After serving for eight long years as a member, I am a former member now, fallen from grace. While I stepped out of the bus, I observed the KL Tower. It was lit in all colours, even purple, unlike most days. There were shimmering white spots and other spotlights, making it radiant, as though it was welcoming our re-entry back home. As though we were triumphant. Still, one failure left a mark in my entire musical life.

Until and unless one song - just ONE SONG of mine touches the hearts of others, I'll never be happy in life. I went home, happy that we stayed together, but sad because my ultimate mission was never fulfilled.

Adieu, Ressonnant Inc. Time for me to go and let Second Generation take over.
Pictures to come soon.

DISCLAIMER : While some of you may claim to have the "original recordings" of our Jong Jong Inai Rappasody, be warned that we did not slander any rival schools with the song. I personally checked every single recording. And yes, our teachers would've barked at us if we made fun of any school. If you somehow think our recording was rude and disrespectful, notice that there is much more to disrespect than just the song. Any recording of Jong Jong Inai Rappasody with the words "jong jong inai VI choir bodoh ni, jong jong inai, choir bodoh ja wani" is NOT from Ressonnant Inc.



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