In-training pictures : Choir National Finals

The pictures we took towards the Finals - our training sessions, first :

From left : Jannah, Lishia.

From left : Fazrina, Jojo. She's covering herself with a *SCREAM* bunny plushie !

I guess we're all set and ready to go. This shot, I took from the front of the bus. Front to back, left to right : Nurin, Adila, Shima (and the other faces, I can't make out).

Jojo sleeping with her pink bunny plushie. ^^

Farah Dibba and Farah Hanna looking on at the camera.

Sitha looking on at the camera (yes, the one with the shades) while her mom sleeps.

Ressonnant during the "snap-fingers" part of Putra Putri.
Accompanying them on frets is Jojo. Looking on is Lyana, the conductress.

Everyone seems to be listening in attention. Okay, let's see the faces I can make out : front row, left to right - Shima, Sabrina, Intan, Nealissa, Bridget, Nurin, Dibba and Adila. Second row, left to right - Evon, (not sure who), Ku Aliah, Farah Hanna, Naili, Hazwani Arina, (not sure who), then there's Sitha at the far end. Peeking from the back are (from left), Ka Yong, Jannah and Wing Yie. The rest of the faces at the back row are all hidden or partly covered.

Vocal training. (Speaking of which, I'd never have it again for the next few months. *sob*)

Another shot of the vocal training, this time from a different angle. OMG, just look at Shima's, Sabrina's and Intan's mouths - all like fish !

The end part of "Putra Putri" where we go Oooooooooooooooooo.......

 Me and Adila. This may well be the blurrest shot of all, but I'm keeping it anyway.

 Sitha and me.

I remember Lyana and Shima wanted their picture taken together but more people came crowding round them for the camera. From left, top to bottom : Lokeetha, Sitha, Farah Dibba, Ainul, Lyana, Shima, Nasiha and Evon.

Pratically the entire Ressonnant came crowding round them for the camera this time ! From left, top to bottom : Nasiha, Farah Dibba, Jannah, Shima, Lyana, Sitha, Evon, Sabrina, Adila, (I can't make her out), Naili, Wing Yie, Nadhirah, Natalia, Intan, Nurin and Lokeetha. Okay, so it isn't technically the entire Ressonnant. But well, look how many of them came crowding !

We weren't spared from taking the English for Science and Technology trial exam paper. Our schoolmates sat for it that morning, we had to sit for it at night ! But well, it wasn't much of an exam, really.......... There was one teacher, and halfway through everything we were talking and laughing. This one here's Evon, sitting for the paper.

The mentors. From left : Cik Faridah, Cik Siti Noor and Madam Chee.
I know that's Nealissa on the left of Cik Siti Noor.... And what's the name of the one on the right, again ? I keep forgetting her name !

This was a few hours prior to the competition itself ; we were going through our routines for one last time.

Competition pictures to come soon...


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