The four-hour tour through Muzium Terengganu

These are the pictures I took in the Terengganu Museum area - yep, we calmed our frayed nerves today I guess. And don't be surprised : they said, no cameras. I brought in a camera phone - now that makes all the difference. And... :) my focus is on the Ressonnant members, not the stuff in the museum. Whatever I take, and whatever I take from my friends, serves to tell a story, in the end.

From left : Petrina, Bridget and Evon.

From left : Bridget and Evon. This is the entrance area.

Enthusiastic Ressonnant members approaching the entrance.
No : wait, this is the entrance. Not that one.

What, we still haven't reached the entrance yet ? Honestly, we thought we had reached the entrance but we had to cross several bridges and climb four flights of steps before we could even reach the top ! Well, for many people, it's worth it I guess.

Naili taking a shot of some engraved stone thingy at the entrance.

The foyer. And those in yellow - well, they're members of other teams. See, for that day alone we had to wear those oversized yellow shirts for the sake of uniformity. (Mine was size XXL, I was literally swimming in it !)

Oh yeah, so this is the engraved stone thingy.

Inside the museum (not like it's clear anyway) : well, we still haven't discovered everything !

The Ressonnant girls looking on in enthusiasm. Wait, I know the one right in front is Azry Rasyeqa.........

Front to back : Natalia Naaira, Lokeetha. I think they must've been pointing at some ancient weapons. (Honestly, they've got like, numerous keris and as many swords as the entire arsenal of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts weapons combined. I guess back then, when inter-state wars existed, it was kill or die in order to survive.)

We're looking at this old shack with great stuff in it - and I know one of them's a machine or a thread rack - I'm not sure - but I know it's used to make songket.

Now this really tickles me. The "historian" Intan. What compelled me to take this picture was the things she said - "This is the tengkolok. Back then, it was scorching hot and them guys didn't have newspaper to cover themselves. So they just grabbed some cloth and wrapped it on their heads and it was created by accident. The same technique was used for songket and here you have it !" (Not like it's historically accurate, anyway.)

Again, our dear "historian" says : "The kebaya was the brainchild of Mak Cik Kebaya, daughter of Nenek Kebayan..." (For starters who aren't fluent in Malay or don't know it at all, "Nenek Kebayan" is a common Malay euphemism for "witch". As in the old hag with robes and warts and bunions, not the young, dressed-to-kill Samantha of "Bewitched".)

I followed Lyana and Sabrina up to the second floor, and since Terengganu as a civilisation, was steeped in Islamic history, there're a lot of Islamic documents around. Perhaps, because I thought that'd contribute to my History marks, I followed them up. Looks like they're trying to read what's on the documents but one's correcting the other, and the other's saying "no, I don't think so..." Talk about poor Arabic !

Lunch hour. And look at the sea of choir members ! Not all of them are seated.

From left : Evon, Bridget and Petrina. (Dang, can't they get enough of posing ?)
From left : Bridget, Evon.

From left : Petrina, Evon.

From left : troisnyx*, Bridget. See, I was so tanned by the sun, my skin was so oily that even my pimples were showing on such a blur camera. What of it - this is a momento, not a piece for critics !

Who wants to be the next top model ? From left : Naili, Azry Rasyeqa.

Immediately after it was all over we had to take the bus ride home. I was fed up of wearing that oversized tee, I took it off and inside, I was wearing my Ressonnant Inc. tee. This is the last expedition I've got with my fellow choirgirls, and after that, it's no turning back - it's all over.


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