Sketches I've done over the years.

Des Rails by Zazie is soon to be released and I heard only a small clip of it, but wow. Anyway, this is just a miniature sketch of a train, with the title Zazie - Des Rails.

Strawberries. Fraise is French for strawberry. I later had to edit the brightness. Now, the above two pictures were done with coloured G2 pens.

What's on the paper isn't of much importance. I'm just glad my magic inks were working when I did this one.

My first watercolour in perhaps, years ! And as instinct would have it, I drew a girl playing... the snare drum. Translation : "Music connects me with the spirit. - TroisNyx*"

And this was supposed to be my bedroom sign. I did this, magic inks on cardboard, somewhere around last year, and yes, the lines aren't straight. That too, I'm glad I had enough ink for that because the cardboard was slightly bigger than A4 size. Given more space, I'd even have included "No Nothin'" in it !

I enjoy drawing, but more often than not, when I draw full pictures it'd end up as someone making music. So when I attempt other drawings I do them in miniature size and enlarge them. I remember when mom saw me drawing pictures of people making music together (especially drumming), she asked, whether I drew my alter ego in those pictures. I said, yes.


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