Prom Night 2007

These are memoirs of my school's prom night :

Narin and I posing in front of the Christmas tree before leaving.

The Loft's interior. Warm and nice, eh ? :)
Farah Dibba looking demure before the camera.

Lyana and Intan talking about Intan's new camera. Both of them are choir members, so we're quite close. (Man, I love that rose hue !)

This is the mess it all became. People shoving into each other, glow sticks and all... so after taking this shot Narin, the choir members and I decided to wait outside at the balcony.
KLCC from The Loft. Yep, that's how near it is.
Lyana and Narin just look perfect, I couldn't resist taking a shot of them !

Me and Narin with KLCC as a backdrop.
Sabrina and Intan.
When I returned inside, they were crowning the Prom King and Queen.
Not sure what the guy's name is, but I know the Prom Queen is Farah Syazliana.
And upon returning home, I put the wrist corsages on the floor and took a picture of them. Everyone who went to the prom got a corsage of sorts : the boys had them pinned on their shirts while the girls wore them around the wrist. Not sure which is Narin's or which is mine, but yeah well...
The Prom Night anticipated by all girls of Convent Bukit Nanas and boys of Victoria Institution took place yesterday night at the Loft. It was my cousin Narin's nineteenth birthday, so I decided to take her along.

As the name suggested, the dinner and dance area was upstairs.

When I went up, I was enthralled : the stairs were all lit up, and it was like a clubhouse fairyland. Honestly. The theme was all things warm - the sidelights, streamers, beads, tealights and table lights were all red ; the spotlights were yellow. Walking in with Narin and my friends Wing Yie, Sabrina, Lyana, Intan, Natalia and Farah Dibba, I was hoping this prom would be a completely good one. The sadness started when two of my friends, Fazrina and Booba did not make it. Booba, being in French High School KL, still is in school term.

I looked around the place. The ambience was simply perfect ! At the front side, there was a stage - the DJ's place, and the place where the awards were kept. Heck, I didnt come for these. Turning next to the dinner place, was another stage - for the live band. Seeing the mike stand, the drum kit and all the other equipment, I was all the more tempted to sing... or to do some beats. I didn't sing that day. *sobs* Anyway, the hospitality of the bartenders was really good. As we entered, we were served drinks of our choice - with a smile and perfect manners. I was impressed.

At 8:15, the doors were closed for dinner, as stated on the tickets. So as we all sat down to dinner, we had a little of everything - spaghetti (it was lovely !), sushi, popiah, and a whole lot more finger food. Some fifteen minutes later we saw the first band come up to perform. Everything was fine except for one thing - the vocalist screeched (worse than Ayumi Hamasaki) ! Yes, fine, she is no Ayu.

We all took to the floor. It was okay for the first two hours. Plus, we were all given free glow sticks ! Slowly, the mixes became more harsh, with more and more kicks and scratches - which definitely do not suit Rihanna and Jay-Z's "Umbrella" or songs with that mood. Worse still, imagine how many times "Umbrella" was remixed - at least ten times ! Ten freaking times ! The prom was no longer a prom to the students ; it was a rave. Having the mood to listen to "Gourmandises" from Alizée or "Above and Beyond" from Ayumi Hamasaki for a change, I decided to head outside. Narin was outside. And both of us were taking our group of friends outside for pictures, and cursing "stupid DJ" !

While it became a mad rush inside, Narin and I couldn't stand nightlife in the fast lane anymore. We stayed outside and talked. I was hoping this to be the night of her life as it was a birthday treat for her. It wasn't ; but we still did enjoy ourselves.

And just as I thought, the Prom Queen title didn't go to me. It went to Farah Syazliana of the former 5K. The Prom King title went to some Eric guy from Victoria Institution. So Narin and I went home at midnight while some decided to dance the wee hours of the morning away.

*sighs* This prom could have been better. Definitely. And then again, there are just so many tracks which could have deserved their places in the prom. Like "Above and Beyond" or even "C'est dans l'air". And then again, I pity those who stayed outside... they wanted fun, lighthearted fun, assez paisible fun. It was definitely not paisible !

Oh....... if only I could become the Troisnyx I wanna be. That is something I only dream of. Then I would not need a planner : I'd know how to host a 200-pax gala night myself. That night, we'd have been better off watching Koffee with Karan.


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