Memoirs from SPM days

Ah, we'd remember that time of the year. No more lessons, and practically the last time we'd see each other in school uniform. Oh, and for many of us, SPM was the time we brought in all the prohibited stuff - handphones, cameras, iPods, .mp3 players, the like ! These are the few memoirs I have of my SPM days. Some of these pictures aren't mine, but they help tell the entire story.

Teddy Mak (Mak Pui Yee) with bulging eyes.

Vivian Choong is a prefect, and even she broke the rules by bringing in her digital camera.

I don't know what they were doing there, but it looks like congestion. From left : Kim Li, (what's her name again ?), Vivian, Adina and Lynnett.

Kam Siew Lei looking disillusioned.

I bet this is the last time anyone would wanna pose under the celebrated frangipani tree. Man, that tree brings me good memories. From left, top to bottom, (I forgot her name), Vivian, Adina and Kim Li.

They make smexy models. (: From left : Adina, Kim Li, Vivian, (I forgot her name), and Lynnett.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and ya know what, it's better than yours..." From left : Mei Yan L, Lynnett.
I guess this is the first - and last of all the pictures I have of Aunty Clara, the caretaker of the library. From left, top to bottom : Vivian, Pui Yee, Aunty Clara, Lip Chin.

I, audiophile...... Yes, now you know I brought along my cell phone. It's a Sony Ericsson headset for goodness' sake !

Sabrina (hidden) and Lyana browsing through the books in the school library for the last time.

"You infringed our right to privacy !" From left : Lyana, Sabrina. Man, being in the core team of Ressonnant Inc. actually made us closer friends than ever !

Scribbling prohibited, photocopying allowed. No, I thought photocopying was prohibited ? Anyway, this is my last shot of the books in the library. I never thought I'd never see the school library ever again......

Sabrina doing her final revision for the Biology paper.
Camera shy or trying to study ? From left : Zarith Sofia (covering her face with paper), Fazrina, Puteri Sabrina (burying her face in her hands).
A group from 5B, preparing for Physics examinations. From left : Zawanah, Najwa and Shanaz.

The canteen is crowded, but this time, only with Form 5 students. I think I see Kim Li standing up and teaching somebody ?

The famous foursome of 5U - from left : Mei Yan L, Vivian Melissa, Anne Yap and Su Ning.

5U girls preparing to pose for the camera. Sue Faye gives us instructions on where to stand and how to stand. Background, from left : Sue Faye, Phoebe (hidden), Jia Wen, Naomi. Foreground : Su Ning
 And this is all of us - posing as a full class for the very last time.

You may be wondering why all the pictures are clear this time. For starters, my K700i got stolen during Add Math exam. I had no choice but to put it in my bag, in the canteen, because phones weren't allowed in the hall. And I've no idea : someone was said to have left the exam hall early, and maybe she dug into my bag and stole it. Mine wasn't the only thing in the loot : Fazrina's phone and RM20 and someone else's .mp3 player were stolen too. I told mom about that over the public phone, she understood. I think, about one week later, I got a new phone from dad : K550i. And the pictures are really clear and I'm happy ! No more lousy camera. =)


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