Troisnyx's second concert

Rapid and without a tinge of sadness. I was in concert again ! - and with the familiar bunch of students from Ms Susan Yap's class, again.

The entire crowd turned up in a wave of red : heck, Chinese New Year is around the corner. And everyone was in a state of bliss... even me. Despite the few technical errors, everyone just gave their all. They ranged from Debussy pieces to classical numbers to even movie themes and current air-wave hits.

And then, came me. Menghitung Hari by Kris Dayanti. A pre-recorded track. And le trac !
As I performed, a sense of nervousness flooded me. And then there was constructive interference : the microphone went WEEEEEEEEEE... ohhhhh... TZWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...... but it looked like everyone was happy. And then came the applause... and I was wondering, at that moment, how it would be at Nouvelle Star or any one of the Idol competitions... There, I met Shing Yi, Alia and Louisa, my old friends.

Later that afternoon, it was Bollywood fever in that hall : two cute girls - I knew them ! - did a Kajol number and they were so sweet ! They received the highest applause - with extra catcalling from me and my friends. And the finale - the Chinese New Year theme. Everyone shouted in unison, Xin Nian Dao ! (Chinese New Year is around the corner !)

My close friends made me sing Gourmandises by Alizée when it was almost over. Just to compensate for the technical problems. I warned them, hey, it's a French song ! but they just couldn't care less.

Bleeearrrgh, bite me. Anyway, I only managed to take just a few pix from the concert, so for the most part I'll be introducing friends :
From left : me, Shing Yi.
Alia's the one with the red blouse and polka dots. Holding her is her mother.
From left : Louisa and (I think) Mabel
And the entire group - almost - turned up in a wave of red when I didn't realise that it was going to be the theme colour ! I guess it was my lucky day.


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