SPM Results Day.

SPM. Over, and done with. The 12th of March was the results day and mom, Narin and I went to CBN for our last visit. Prior to the results day, we were lying down in bed and mom asked me, "How much do you think you'll get ?" And I said, "I don't know, eleven A's ?" Everyone thought I was aiming too high. But I somehow felt that I didn't do too well in my Additional Mathematics.

Everyone who came gathered at the canteen while the chairs were being laid out at the hall. I went exploring so I could take a few pictures.
The buzz was on Sheela Ratnam as she was the top student of the year, with a record-smashing 12 A1s, and after her previous feat in the F1 in Schools championship, it was no wonder that she got a scholarship immediately.
My classmate, Sue Faye, after four long months !
The parents who came to support their children were all gathered behind the hall. I think mom's the one in white.
From left, the famous five of 5U : Skye, Su Ning, Anne Yap, Mei Yan L and Sue Faye.
There was pin-drop silence as everyone was listening to the announcements. But beyond this point, I couldn't take anymore photos. The din the people made after this was just deafening !

Praise the LORD ! 11As and a B.
And just as I guessed, the B was for Add Math. Add mad, literally. My Add Math was inconsistent the whole year round that I could no longer expect anything good from it.

I set a record for the French exam paper. Whee-hee !!

So now I have the exact requirements to land me in college. And now, I can finally say I did my work well in school and put a good end to my school life.

Au revoir, CBN.


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