My great 17 years.


It was a great celebration. I was especially anticipating the second half of the day, where all the action began.
And I bless the name of the Lord for making it a great day.

Dad came back at 1:00 today, thanks to his problematic bus, and we had dinner at Syed - that was the only shop open, and we came home at 2:00. And we all slept late !

Firstly, when I woke up, I had Malaysian Studies exams. And the next thing I knew was, people around me were sending me birthday wishes. About fifteen people, I shall say. My usual college bunch. We had our exams in the Koponas building - now that was a first ! Like all other people, I was hoping for the exam to be over, pronto. And so it was. Joanne and I headed off to the PC labs to go online for a few moments.

I was worried about class later, but it turned out that there would be no Chinese class - not until tomorrow afternoon. Mom, dad and I went to Mid Valley - yes, you guessed it - to shop for the drum kit I wanted. My DTXPRESS IV. (*smiles*) Mom had trouble walking long distance, so we took a slow walk. Pity Narin was not there. She would have loved to see all the fun ! Anyway, we went.... again, to the loo, and then, to the second floor at South Court, Mid Valley - Yamaha Beatspot was there. OMG !!

Ever since the DTXPRESS IV was released, I wanted to get my hands on it, and I wanted to go visit a Beatspot. I did it today ! Mom, dad and I went to Beatspot, and I tested the specs - the interns handed me a pair of 7As and the next thing I knew, I was actually using it. Ah, the double bass pedals, the sound system, the speakers, the rebound....... they were all superb. I played the drums in front of mom and dad. But after four bars I couldn't continue anymore - I was getting embarrassed. Mom hoped that I would get a good pair of Vic Firths - the Signature Series sticks. The one Uncle Cyril has at the moment.

I came back, I was so tired...... and I slept. It rained.... and I heard claps and rolls of thunder like never before. They were the loudest and longest I have ever heard !! Was that a sign ?
I could hardly sleep, because at about 4:00, Narin woke me up and told me to shower. The cake - OMG, the cake - was on the table. American chocolate. Just like I wanted it. I just loved the fudge. It was so rich ! Mom also made some Konnyaku jelly. Nice. I got into my green lengha, did my makeup, cut the cake and shoved it into the mouths of all who were present, higgledy-piggledy - immediately after that, we had to head over to church. It was Good Shepherd Sunday.
The cake. Tempting, eh ?
I blew everything out with one puff, hoping that my dreams would come true.
Cutting out the first wedge of the cake.
I fed Maaji. I think she was the first person I fed today.

Father Simon Lebrooy was presiding over the mass today.
We had our novena, then the mass - then came the shining moment. I had to sing the responsorial and the gospel acclamation. Yes, those are the moments I would never forget.
Immediately after mass, Uncle Raymund asked me to stay back for two minutes - and the entire Sunset Band did the birthday song. Aunty Sharm was doing her thing, I was looking around.... Chrishandra and Daniel were all smiles, and so was everyone. Uncle Cyril was doing his signature solo at the end of it all !!! I was pretty much prepared for the worst, but..... oh my, that was so sweet.

Father Simon Lebrooy, who heard the responsorial, the gospel acclamation AND the birthday song, was delighted when I came up to him for a blessing. And he said, "You sang so well, I could feel my hair stand on end from up here !". What a way to start my 17th year into life ! Everyone else was wishing me - Gabriel's mother, Uncle Luques, Uncle Raymund, Daniel, Chrishandra, the rest of the Sunset Band............ 

We had dinner at Thai Corner and returned home.

And when I returned home, I had 21 SMS, 15 e-mails, 3 Facebook messages and 5 Friendster messages. All wishing me a happy birthday. Wow. I was especially amazed to see the messages from my Sunset Band friends and Drummer For Christ !
They did their bit for me. And it was so touching.

Now I am gonna let the rhythm pound on.... for Him.


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