Organisation XIII.

It has been a while since I played Kingdom Hearts II. And I am yet to get its final version, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix [before the three new versions of Kingdom Hearts come out]. I came back to the description of the Organisation XIII characters - they are the ones cloaked in black and have X-es in their names and do not have hearts and create havoc - well, almost all of them - and I will go through each one of them, for starters - and probably describe what their rooms may look like... Upon acceptance into Organisation XIII, each of their names would bear the original name and an X, and would be spelt differently.

DISCLAIMER : This work has been compiled from a host of users, translated, and has not much liaison to the original data in Kingdom Hearts [except for the powers, the attacks and the anagrammes].

#1: Xemnas : The (Ring)Leader
His name is an anagramme of Ansem with an X. [Xehanort, the person who used the name "Ansem" was the last boss of the first Kingdom Hearts.] As #1 suggests, he is the leader of Organisation XIII and he hates colours. Think why his hair is gray, his cloak is black and the entire manor of Organisation XIII is white. He attacks with red laser beams [at high speed, mind you !] and he is the last boss of Kingdom Hearts II.

Okay, so one would picture his room to be a superb hotel which is as good as, or maybe better than Burj al-Arab in Dubai - even Queen Elizabeth II might not have a room like that. His quilt is tucked into his bed, properly, his bathroom has hygiene control, and there is not a single speck of dust in his room. Ultra-clean, I would say.

#2: Xigbar : The Freeshooter
His name is an anagramme of Braig with an X. He attacks with snipers and moves from place to place, so fast, that people cannot really track him. He has a patch on one eye - no one knows why. Whenever people talk to him, they get offended - he is very, very curt. In Kingdom Hearts II, you fight him towards the end. Xigbar's worst fear is that in a battle, he runs out of ammo.

His room would be the most damaged - his bed is suspended from the ceiling and his room has used snipers and bullets for decor. His walls are all damaged with holes - imagine Xemnas getting an attack from Xigbar because of those blasted snipers. And sometimes, when he gets angry, and needs to vent out his emotions by himself, he puts pictures of the Organisation XIII members who offended him - and bang !

#3: Xaldin : The Whirlwind Lancer
His name is an anagramme of Dilan with an X. He uses wind and... well, six lances. For an average human minus the heart, that is powerful enough ! The only thing Xaldin is scared of managing is his hair - that, in itself, is another mess. What would you expect from a person who controls wind ? He treats people impersonally so much so that you would never want to face him again.

There would be a dartboard in his room, and since he is an impersonal guy, his room is also.... um... impersonal.

#4: Vexen : The Chilly Academic
His name is an anagramme of Even with an X. "The Chilly Academic" suggests that he uses ice in his attacks. He is the science whiz of the Organisation XIII, and he studies memories. Not even Xemnas can attack him from the front : he uses a shield to block frontal attacks. Thus, backstabbing [literally and figuratively] would be the only way to kill Vexen - one would need Casca from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar to do this.

And since he is a chemist, the lab is his bedroom. It is the dirtiest, most contaminated room in the manor and neither Xemnas nor Xaldin would want to go near it [while the others come in just to poke fun !]. He always has this chart where he marks his daily progress. He would never leave that chart ! And whenever he wakes up, he wakes up with lines of potassium permanganate or even copper (II) sulphate on his forehead.

#5: Lexaeus : The Silent Hero
His name is an anagramme of Aeleus with an X. No one knows about his descent, or his background, or his existence as he is a man of few words. He is the muscleman of Organisation XIII and he combines earth magic with his giant tomahawk to fight. Er, no, we are not looking for Mr. Organisation XIII. No, seriously, Lexaeus would never want to lose those muscles after all those years of bodybuilding. Just be prepared for mountains of rocks when you fight him...

Enter his room and you would enter boot camp. His bed is green, his wallpaper is green with brown patches on it, he has pictures of all his army idols including General Charles de Gaulle... Not forgetting tropical plants put in vases. Get in, and get out quick.

#6: Zexion : The Cloaked Schemer
His name is an anagramme of Ienzo with an X. [Ienzo was the lab assistant of the original Ansem and had helped out a lot, even convinced Ansem that they should build an underground lab for research, until a freak accident occurred, which took his life.] Zexion is an illusionist, mimicking other weapons, disguising himself as other people, and creating duplicates of himself...... He has no specific weapon - to him, the pen is mightier than the sword and thus he uses a lexicon to find the sharpest, meanest words... even when battling Sora, Donald and Goofy. He spends a lot of time in the library and he hates seeing books all over the place, or even torn pages strewn all over the floor......

He would have his own library in his own room - with an enormous sofa in the middle so he could just take a book and read. His bed is surrounded by books, all neatly arranged in columns. And no, you would not find fiction in his room. (Goodness, this reminds me about the story of the big black ugly leather sofa Adoravelle was talking to me about.)

#7: Saïx : The Luna Diviner
Saïx has no anagrammes - people thought his true name was Ias, but it turns out that his original name is Saïx. "The Luna Diviner" would probably suggest that Saïx goes berserk when the moon is not shadowed by clouds - in short, a lunatic ? Oh, yes, and there is an accent in the middle of his name [or else people would pronounce it as "sex" !] He wields a claymore and he keeps on looking at the heart-shaped moon [which is Kingdom Hearts] - and pines every night for it to give him a heart so that he would be whole again. And he is the type who would never miss a night of falling stars. Owing to the fact that his claymore is heavy, he might just as well be called the strongest in Organisation XIII - stronger than Lexaeus, any day.

Now, picture Saïx's room as a highly protected one [no worries, he sleeps very soundly]. And #10 - Marluxia - uses Saïx's hair to make tresses in the middle of the night. Oh for the thought that Saïx uses L'Oreal Elseve ! His claymore is right next to his bed, and it is way too heavy for the rest of the Organisation.

#8: Axel : Flurry of Dancing Flames
Axel, being his original name, is a Greek name meaning "father of peace" and it is still used today [in the real world] as a male first name. His chakram in his hands, and flames cast everywhere - it is understandable why people find it hard to escape from his clutches. He has spiked red hair, and people say that his worst nightmare is to wake up the next morning and find that he has no more hair gel left. He has un certain regard for #13 - Roxas - and considers him as his best friend. Well, at least, we found one Organisation XIII member with compassion in his... er, he has no heart...

Axel is obsessed with all things flaming hot and all things spicy, and thus picture him with a traditional torch in his bedroom [yes, the one with flames]. He has a lot of boxes of Brylcreem and deodorant. And everything in his room is either red or orange. Enough said.

#9: Demyx : The Melodious Nocturne
No one knows what Demyx's real name is, but it is most probably an anagramme of Myde with an X. He is a true-blue musician and would rather isolate himself in a corner with his blue sitar. Or, he would rather shout "Dance water dance !" in the bathroom and play with the spouting water all day long. And thus, no one is allowed to even touch his sitar or his scores.

Demyx's room is very much like a mini-studio : for the most part, imagine him alone on his bed, strumming a few notes. And then, just by his side, is a huge plush dolphin. And a blue plush turtle. His radio is turned on to Skyrock [rock, pop, rap and punk]. All over the walls, are posters of boybands - Air Supply, Westlife, Fatal Bazooka, Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance, The Jonas Brothers, We The Kings, Korn, The Click Five, The Darkness, Rhapsody, The Rasmus, Queens... as well as a CD/DVD player, a Blu-Ray player and several CDs. Oh, and his PC has iTunes. His bathroom is a swimming pool, to say the least. And he would take five baths per day. *phew* Now that was an overwhelming description !

#10: Luxord : The Gambler of Fate
His name is most probably an anagramme of Ludor with an X. A master of rhetoric [as described by Jiminy Cricket], he loves casinos, gambling, transforming people into dice or cards, and has control over time. Defeating him is easy, but tricky as he can turn Sora into a die or a card at any point in the game. Give him the entire Genting Highlands or the entire Las Vegas and he will be happy. Never give him clocks or books - he even believes that the Chinese word for "book" is the same as that for "losing", and the word for "clock" is the same as the word for "end" - i.e. die ! He is kiasu and kiasi - afraid of losing and afraid of dying.

Enter Luxord's room and anyone would think it is a minimised version of a Las Vegas casino, complete with neon lights. He has dice cushions, blankets imprinted with hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds ; and he has a whole lot of gambling machines as well as several packs of cards.

#11: Marluxia : The Graceful Assassin
His name is most probably an anagramme of Lumaria with an X. Marluxia happens to be the only person - and the only guy - in Organisation XIII who loves the colour pink. His control over flowers, his pink hair and his pink scythe make us think he is a girl, but no - he is a guy. And not a transvestite. Marluxia is one of the most difficult to defeat (especially with the fact that he places a death spell on Sora at the beginning of the battle). He would most likely campaign for Greenpeace and he dislikes pollution, the greenhouse effect, extinction of flora - and closer to home, he hates it when his trees and flowers are not watered.

So, our nature lover's bedroom would be covered with flowers. Our Mr. Wordsworth would sleep on the floor with his beloved flowers. And he would go to the extent of killing the person who chopped down his tree. He can tell the difference between real flowers and fake flowers, and does not have any fakes in his room. And guess what he uses for shampoo/conditioner ? Herbal Essences !

#12: Larxene : The Savage Nymph

She is the only female member in Organisation XIII. Her name is most probably an anagramme of Relena or Larene [a corruption of Lareine] with an X. "The Savage Nymph" would most probably suggest that Larxene is a sadist, and an agile one too. And yes, she enjoys reading books about sadists, or written by sadists. She enjoys taunting others and seeing others suffer, so much so that people just loathe her and wait for her malice to come full circle. She has an infinite supply of knives and uses the power of thunder. Larxene only fears that she would not be accepted well by the members of Organisation XIII... well, do unto others what you want others to do unto you ! Larxene's voice is cute, yes, quite cute, but cynical. Her laugh is original... but wait till you see her attacks !

Her room is cute, but... it makes others feel cold. Not physically cold, but emotionally cold. So much for the "friendliness" and "hospitality", we are out of here !

#13: Roxas : The Key Of Destiny
His name is an anagramme of Sora with an X. [Sora is the main character of all Kingdom Hearts games and had once sacrificed himself to save his friend Kairi, and thus in doing so, Roxas came into being.] Originally voiced by Jesse McCartney, Roxas is a playable character in Kingdom Hearts II. Roxas has two facets to his personality - an innocent street boy hanging out with friends, and a killing machine. He wields two Keyblades [now, the Keyblades are considered the best of weapons in Kingdom Hearts]. His best friend in the Organisation is Axel. We often see him with Sea-Salt ice-cream in his hands, and he would never want to live one day where he opens the fridge, and to his horror... *gasp* No ice-cream ! Roxas is a real-time name and the first personality to use this name was Manuel Roxas, the first president of the Philippines.

Now, Roxas' room is made visible by producer Tetsuya Nomura in the first part of Kingdom Hearts II, so we do not really have to imagine it, we get to see it for ourselves : it is messy, with books strewn all over the place, but there is no dust. There is a light with a revolving disc around it. His walls are orange, his bed frame is white and his blanket is chequered. There is a window right next to his bed. He has several plushies on the cupboard and on the floor. There is a study desk with some books, a table lamp and... a calculator. And no, there is no fridge in his room for quick access to ice-cream. There are posters of Struggle ! tournaments on one side of the wall. Pretty average teenager's room, I would say. It's a playable section in Kingdom Hearts II if you know how to crack the code - YouTube has at least two videos of Sora exploring Roxas' room.

Info courtesy of [Translated from French]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix turns out to be much better with battles against all Organisation XIII members (including Roxas) - twice ! - one in low HP mode (normal), and a data battle with very high HP which somehow makes them almost unbeatable. Oh, and you get to hear their English voices for once. Not much from characters like Zexion, Larxene, Marluxia and those who did not appear in the original Kingdom Hearts II - but well, at least you get to hear their attack voices and their cynical laughs. It is not understandable, though, that when I look back into the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix demos on YouTube, Sora wears a crown while battling them. Wonder why ?

Oh, and it turns out that Kingdom Hearts II is at the top of the top ten manga list this week. Is this a coincidence or what? Anyway... time to celebrate!


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