Nancy's birthday

Remember I once told you guys I've had birthday cake for three weeks straight ? Right, lemme start with Nancy's birthday. :)

Nancy striking a pose. This was taken during break.

From left : Joanne J, Durges, Farah and Nancy.
Nancy and me. I wanted to strike a Mademoiselle Juliette pose but it turned out to be something else.
Nancy doing her "Hollow Man" sketch.
The first edition of the sketch.
Doesn't Nancy look like she's inaugurating something ?
The second edition of the "Hollow Man" sketch, complete with eye makeup and lippy. :)
All of us chipped in RM 10 to get her a gift. :) Though I didn't go with the rest of the group to get the gift : I stayed in class with Nancy during break.
And at the bottom : the remains of the cake ! Imagine, they finished it so fast that I couldn't get a proper shot of the whole cake.


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