The last long Friday of the year

My LAN period is finally over.


Finally, away with all those dreary hours of being in the same cold classroom, dealing with repetitive History books or issues against religion or Malaysian norms of society. Finally, away with the LAN ! (And thank God I don't have to sit for the Malay Language paper because I did it pretty okay in my SPM examination.) Finally, away with all those dreadful hours when I had to do presentations (no thanks to my eloquence), and shaking while doing them...

Yes, I'm free from the shackles of the compulsory subjects. Now, time to focus on the important stuff.

I mean, honestly, why does an extra burden have to be laid upon us when we already have to struggle in meeting the expectations of Cambridge ? It is unnecessary to do Malaysian Studies when we have already obtained an A in our Form 5 History. And surely before many of us have matured in faith, we are given an insight into issues such as abortion, euthanasia etc. - I did it prior to my Confirmation, when I was 16 - why the need to repeat this ?

Ah well. I endured it. And now I'm free.

Right now the computer lab seems to be over-packed - probably due to the fact that everyone is rejoicing. No more long Fridays, and no more LAN. Eve, Christine, Yee Hann, Nisha and Gallonia are in here. Yes. I know I can see you. The whole lot of you.

Bleeearrrrgh. I am getting myself a pack of M&M's.


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