How law exams can get so irritating

*Sighs* My dear law lecturer Raja Singham. He is nice, he is patient, but when it comes to examinations, he can get a bit cheesy. *smiles*

Today was law examination and it covered equity, statutary interpretation, common law and delegated legislation. There were three questions, the entire test began at 10:30 and ended at 1:00 ; and despite the fact that this was an examination, we actually had the choice to do it closed-book or open-book ! For a surprise examination, it was a tad cheesy.

I happily did my examination closed-book. Delegated legislation had never been so familiar before !

Now, comes the irritating part. The time limit for each question is about 45 minutes, and imagine the amount of substance you have to write - each question comprises three or four sections all crammed into one single essay, and the answer can go up to two pages (and if one chooses to include the cases, it can fetch two sheets). And I wasted three sheets of paper and a roll of correction tape before actually figuring out what the questions wanted. Thank God, I managed to finish it.

Uncle Raymund, Uncle Francis and Aunty Sharm put a smile on my face. All three of them called me ! *smiles* They alleviated the burden I had to put up with during law examination. Okay, if four chapters (excluding judicial precedent) were so cumbersome, I wonder what would happen for the entire English Legal System syllabus, contract and tort ?!

I'd love to get through this examination well. One thing is for sure - I've done my best.
But more than anything, there is only one thing that can make me happy now - I want mom to come back home. I miss her terribly.


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