Ressonnant Inc. computer bling

I'm feeling in the mood for Ressonnant Inc. again. I miss my school choir so much !

By the way, here're some wallpapers I created specially for the team, and I've accumulated them from last year (click on the pictures to view full-size, they're all 640x480 except for the last one, which is 960x720) :

This was the first ever background which not only made it as a desktop wallpaper, but also a Friendster layout. I remember when I first created it, this background made it to five or six profiles in one single week !This is one of the first I created, featuring the 2007 batch.

Another one featuring the 2007 batch.

And here's one which I just made today. I think this one's my best yet.
It ended up on my desktop today ! (It's a flatscreen but the photo didn't really turn out as well as I expected.)

And there was only one tool I needed to make that stunning wallpaper : PowerPoint (2007). Just so you'd know what I did to make that, it's easy - just make use of the WordArt function, resize to 400 or so - in fact, all the text I used here, it's all WordArt - and for the bigger titles, use the Reflection option. It'll take a while, no doubt, but just play around with the functions until you're satisfied with the result. And please, no plagiarising. If you want to copy what I did, do it for your own personal wallpapers.


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