Hand drawings

I don't know why, but I've gained this habit of drawing on my left hand. Temporary drawings of course, which can be well rid of with one single wash.

The first line line from Zazie's "Rodéo". Translation : "Rodeo, this is life not paradise".
A line from Zazie's "Des Rails". Translation : "Everytime my train derails".

I guess this drawing, with a Kingdom Hearts heart and drumsticks behind it, speaks for itself.
I remember on the day of the audition I wrote on both hands - left and right - on the left, I wrote "Et pourquoi ?" (And why ?) while on the right I wrote "Oui, pourquoi ?" (Yes why ? ) - both of these were lines from Des Rails, and I wrote them for good luck. I guess it'll be a while before I even think of doing a permanent drawing. Or perhaps I won't do any at all. But then again, if I stick to temporary stuff, I'll have to get as many metallic pens as I can, ready, pronto.


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