One paper down, five more to go...

Business Studies paper 1 took place in the two lecture halls - 4A and 4B.

But you know what ? The weirdest things happened to me today.

I left the house at 7:15 and reached the Y at about 7:40-something, and when I came to the entrance I realised that I was too far off the ticket box thingy. There was this guy. He pressed the button for me as I was too far off. But no matter how long I pestered, this guy still didn't wanna help me get the ticket out of that machine ! It took me five minutes before I could even get the ticket from me.

And just as I feared, the lecture hall froze. Prior to the exam, I bought two Snickers, one Chipsmore and one Mars bar. I ended up having the Snickers and Mars bar in the exam hall - I shared the cookies with Johanna as she didn't have breakfast. And......... while the others were shivering, I didn't shiver much : I wore track pants with white insulation inside, I wore long sleeves and a sweater on top of it all, and my socks were white, and I wore sports shoes. That kept me warm the entire day ! Exam began at 9:00 and because my candidate number was 73-something, I went ot 4B - all those whose candidature numbers began with 72__ had to go to the bigger hall, 4A. I managed to finish everything. Lord, help me !

I came out of the exam hall, with a blank look and mouthing the letters O-M-G.

Literature class was from 1 to 4 and Adoravelle and I were seated side by side. Kimberly and Prabha were behind us. And goodness me, Soleil* must've turned into a wreck ! What used to be a ray of sunlight giving us hope turned out to be the most dreadful of authoritarians ever. But heck, I remember being warned about this. Nyeah well, guess I can't complain now. But it was in the afternoon ; we slept late, or we didn't sleep at all because Business Studies paper 1 was this morning. We were tired sick and there's someone misunderstanding our questions and breathing down our necks ?

Soleil showed her (his ?) colours earlier, last Friday, when we were doing Resolution and Independence - yet another of Wordsworth's poems. I was explaining something to Adoravelle and Kimberly. And I got scolded - and I wept. The chain of events took place so fast, people knew it was a direct effect of the scolding. I didn't do anything wrong ! I knew I was talking to them about R&I as I'd call it - and for explaining R&I I get scolded. Again, I fell from grace.

During the break we went to 7-Eleven (I'm gonna call it Seven from now on) because some of us just need coffee so badly.......... and on our way back from Seven, there was this guy handling this pink furry flamingo puppet with metal badges on the feet. So much that it sounded like jingles. And he was singing this Hindi song. He had these plastic eyebrows, glasses and moustache all crammed up into one single piece. Just try to visualise it ; I don't have pictures of it - and yes, I know it'd sound weird to you guys because there were four of us - Adoravelle, Kimberly, Prabha and me - and this guy was following us with his pink flamingo puppet - it was cute, but scary !

We went to the second floor to collect Prabha's results (just a clue : she and I got the same marks for Law Paper 1) and sat down for a while. Whilst Kimberly and I were checking our results, Adoravelle was talking to Ms Donna - I later joined in the conversation - and it looks like they're going shopping for shoes at KLCC tomorrow. Sorry folks, not part of the party. But it was only after talking to Ms Donna that we realised that we were ten minutes late for class.

Well, at least Soleil didn't yell at us.

One down, five more to go.
*Soleil = French for sun


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