Oh dear Lord... Please help me.

While I was transferring pictures and backdating posts from Live Space to Blogger, I came across the posts I wrote on my birthday. And I just remembered something.

Mom wanted to get me a pair of signed Vic Firth drumsticks. The kind that Uncle Cyril has. She even asked me to ask him where he got them. And so I did. Now she's no longer there.

A gift from mom, no matter what it is, would've meant a lot to me. She wanted to see me play the drums well. She wanted to give that gift to me. Maybe it's not meant to be. Now, let me cry in peace. Oh Lord, please comfort my aching heart. I can't have them see me crying in the examination hall tomorrow.

Chrishandra, Uncle Cyril, Daniel C, and perhaps the rest of the Sunset Band, if you do read this, I hope you understand my chagrin.


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