I have three choices.

I have three choices for the prom night auditions.

One is Faith Hill's "There You'll Be".
One is Carly Smithson's "The Show Must Go On".
And the other is Zazie's "Des Rails".

Two are in English, one is in French. Two are rock tracks, one is a slow number.
Unsure of what title to pick, I tore a test pad sheet into three and wrote on each fragment, a title. I folded the papers and asked people to pick at random.

And these are the findings :
Nancy got Carly Smithson.
Deepa got Faith Hill.
Jega got Zazie.
Zazie got Zazie.
Johanna got Carly Smithson.
Geetha got Faith Hill.
Adoravelle thought from the start that Faith Hill would be a great number.
Leithiga also went with Faith Hill.
Farah got Carly Smithson.
Joanne got Faith Hill.
Tharani got Carly Smithson.
Vanaja got Faith Hill.
Melvinder got Zazie.
Preet got Zazie.

So let's see, out of all these people we've got four Carlys, four Zazies and the rest are Faith Hills.

Faith Hill it is.


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