Prom night, here I come again !

I was wondering yesterday whether to go for the prom auditions. They were to be held at 4A at 5:00 p.m. I thought, since I drove there, and since I'd be driving back, I could go at my own leisure. And... in the peak of my happiness, weird thought started flooding in (does that ring a bell ?) and... I felt like declining.

Adoravelle and Kimberly were at the library table with me, and Adoravelle told me,
"The world is giving you a chance right now. Give yourself a chance. Go for it."
That spearheaded me. But there was one problem - I still didn't have a song ! Deepa and Johanna browsed my playlist, and in it there were nothing but French songs. Then Deepa picked a song out of the whole lot - Des Rails by Zazie. It was rock with a sex appeal (according to Johanna, of course !). So for one hour I was practicing Des Rails and trying to sing it - but halfway through I forgot the lines. And I was having a nervous breakdown in law class. When 5:00 came, I went to 4A and just gave it. What would it do to hurt, if I forget a few lines anyway ?

And I'm in.
Prom night stage, here I come again ! I just hope that stage is as big as the L'Olympia stage. So I can move around if I am singing The Show Must Go On. I may not be singing Des Rails, even if some people in college have already become ardent fans of Zazie. We're sticking to the conventional English for the sake of those who want to understand songs. I understand.

And the people who turned up there for me yesterday - fuh ! Adoravelle, Kimberly, Preet, Melvinder, Navin and his group of friends... (Well, Navin and his group of friends came to see Prasad's Tamil rap song, and it was good - really good. Turns out that he too, has his own record label). I wanted to stage something where people would rock it, where people would... enjoy themselves. I watched Alizée's 2004 concert videos once again and I truly wanted to stage something like that - to a lesser degree of course, because it is only one item. But I really thank everyone for the support. Especially you, Adoravelle, Kimberly, Tharshini, Melvinder, Preet, Johanna, Deepa and Narin. I will train super-hard !

About yesterday's driving.... I drove up, drove back, came home unscathed, not a single scratch on the car, but I parked the car improperly. It was rather crooked. Yikes. But driving was a breeze. I love driving ! I guess mom was right when she said driving can be a breeze if we are in no hurry. I came rather early to college yesterday despite the class being at noon - I wanted to train. The YMCA parking ticket was extorbitant - RM 14 for a full day. I told dad everything, he didn't mind. Well, at least he understood. He prayed for me. Thank you Lord for saving me ! And thanks mom, for watching over me.

I had better hurry to the library. I had used the PC for like, one and a half hours already. Adoravelle and Kimberly are waiting for me.


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