Finally, my PC isn't zonked anymore.

I got my PC back at 2 in the afternoon, only to find that it was working perfectly ! Thank you so much Keayan.

By the way, getting on with life – it's good.
I joined the Sunset Band again and goodness me, we made quite a lot of blunders today. Firstly, in the entrance hymn, Chrishandra, Aunty Sharm and I were struggling with the beat and we sounded like our timing was out – and suddenly the systems were down. Chrish began hitting the crash cymbal for dear life only to find that it was not working. And I was wondering why everyone stopped abruptly.

Second blunder, Lord Have Mercy. Instead of the chime sound that Uncle Cyril was supposed to produce, the floor tom sound came out. In between everything there was this floor tom sound and I was irritated ! Instead of a nice sparkling sound, it went, THUMP.

Third blunder, Gloria. My keys went totally out. Instead of the synth I was supposed to use, it came out in strings.

Fourth blunder, responsorial psalm. It was the same responsorial psalm as on the 12th of April, only that the refrain was slightly different – instead of “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want,” it was “In the Lord’s own house shall I dwell forever and ever” – and for that, Chrish had to sing the refrain while I had to do the verses. For the first verse, Aunty Sharm handed me a faulty mic – and only two lines later Uncle Cyril and Aunty Sharm hurried with a properly functioning one.

And I wonder how we carried out the whole worship thing. It was one sweet evening. And not only did I see everyone present, I got to see Uncle Cyril’s nice licks – while they lasted. I didn't get to hear his fill though. Never mind.

Ah, it sure is good to have my PC back. I can listen to Mylène Farmer and Alizée and Zazie all day long.


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