Another question of faith

I know that sometimes, people lash out at me for my beliefs. With all due respect to those who readily ask me questions, or who lash out at my faith, I know full well that the Catholic Christian faith is steeped in rituals, and holds a semi-conservative stance on many issues. I'm not the kind who wears religion on my sleeve, neither am I the one who can instantly answer questions of faith posed by the people around me (I need to do constant reference to the Bible before doing so), but I love the Lord. And I have faith.

I know that can get me a long way.

Historically, the main reason why there have been many breakoffs from the Catholic Church is such : the fault of the clergy themselves. They were the corrupted ones, they were the ones living in sin and they were entrusted to shepherd a large number of the faithful. But then again, here's a thought : breaking away would mean not wanting to forgive their faults, right ? Yet scripture says that if someone wrongs you seven times, forgive him seventy-seven times seven times.

Also, just because the people are corrupt doesn't mean that the faith is corrupt. Just because of the fault of the clergy in the Middle Ages, it doesn't mean that Catholicism is bad. Same goes for every faith in the world. Just because there are Muslim terrorists doesn't mean that Islam is bad. Just because there have been cases where Hindu extremists hit out at some innocent people in Mumbai doesn't mean that Hinduism is bad. In my eyes, every faith is not corrupt ; it is an ideal set of beliefs and principles for us to hold on. And, corrupt as we are, we strive to hold on to them. No faith is superior to the other, in my views, and the God that we all worship is a universal God. There's this Hebrew proverb that says, "do not mock the way another person worships God, because if you do it to Allah, you do it to Adonai."

That's my two cents. And if there is anymore lashing out, I rest my case.


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