A second message to the Sunset Band

I know the first message was written somewhere in August.

The last time Daniel C talked to me, he told me there was turmoil within the Sunset Band. I can understand, because Aunty Sharm actually voiced out the thought of leaving.

Now, it's time for troisnyx* to take a stand.

Listen, just because Uncle Raymund has left doesn't mean that you guys can cause turmoil and rip the Sunset Band apart. The main problems here are attendance and the fact that a few gossipmongers are spreading rumours about other members.

You know full well that we are a worship group. And remember our main function : we provide the music, we worship the Lord. Worshipping the Lord is priority if we're in this group. And if you're gonna make that priority, you have to make sure you come unless you're stuck in a really tight situation and you can't come. As for those who come as and when you like, you know who you are. I'm not gonna mention names (although they've been mentioned over the phone to me). If you feel that you can't commit yourselves to worshipping the Lord because of the fact that you're coming as and when you like, then by all means, leave. Nobody's indispensible. We can find committed people whose skills can be sharpened over time. I can spare a thought for those who are stuck in such tight situations that they can't come - I'll spare them too.

Now, about the gossipmongers. Your names have been mentioned to me too. But for privacy reasons, I'm not gonna mention them here. But I know very well that it's because of your doing that Aunty Sharm, who is currently leading the Sunset Band, has voiced her thoughts of leaving. Trust me, she's already a good leader, and you wouldn't want me to take over and wry all my authority over the group. Remember very well who we are. Where two or three are gathered in Jesus' name, there He is ever found. We are the Body of Christ. We are the Church. The Body of Christ doesn't get defiled in itself - in this case, I'm not gonna let us be defiled by people spreading malicious gossip here and there.

Wait till dad comes back. I'm resolved to bring all of us together again. I'm not gonna let the sun set on the Sunset Band. I don't give a damn about how old you guys are, or how more "experienced" you guys are. If you're in the wrong, I will do everything in my ability to put you in your place. This can't go on.


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